Armored Dinosaur
RoE Anguirus
Height 41 meters (at the shoulder)
Length 80 meters
Mass 40,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


ANGUIRUS is the rottweiler of daikaiju. He is tenacious, powerful, fast and fearless. And yet, he is at his most content when simply grazing on trees in the forests of Hokkaido. Nevertheless, Anguirus is a species of a hitherto unknown type of ankylosauridae dubbed "Angilasaurus," and the animals were supposedly fiercely territorial with Gojirasaurs in the late Cretaceous, maintaining a healthy rivarly with the predators not unlike that between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. Despite the intense animosity between the two beasts when first meeting, Angurius's defeat at Godzilla's claws seems to have forged something that could only be understood by the mind of a monster: a kind of kaiju-loyalty. Anguirus is quick to jump to Godzilla's aid, even when he doesn't really need it. Godzilla, in turn, has never turned his aggression on his shorter ally since their epic battle in Osaka. Anguirus is vastly larger than any other specimen of his species, yet he does not seem to be a mutation (strangely, not unlike Rodan), as little to no radiation has been detected on him. However this came to be is an absolute mystery. Anguirus's scar on his left eye is a testemant to Godzilla's might, which he will never forget. But if what the Shobijin say is true, it is not fear that rules the ankylosaur's is respect.



  • -Incredibly thick armored hide, nearly impervious to conventional weaponry
  • -Huge mace-like tail that can shatter buildings
  • -Incredible tenacity
  • -Max. land speed of 90 miles per hour
  • -Able to curl body under segmented "shell" (comprised of bony scutes) and roll/bounce as a collosal ball of demolition

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