This Time It's All To Beginning In This Year Love Passing To 1954 Missing Something Else Sonic's Mega Collection And Kirby's Dream Collection But I Got To Greatest Announcement For Ya With All Movies Goodness of Your Favorites But In A Ultimate Collection You've Never Seen Before Coming Statside For The First Time In Its Entirety a Video Game Aloud Me To Introducing Nintendo Wii Proudly Presents Godzilla Mega Collection Known As Godzilla Mega Dream Collection
King Kong: Hey We Got This Part We Can Hear it For Over There
Gamera: Yeah Godzilla What Was it
Godzilla: Well I Just About My Collection Godzilla Mega Collection It's Now Available For The Kaiju Fans Get Their Hands on Why You That Brain of Yours To Tell People About It
Gamera: Well Godzilla Mega Collection Was Been Pass in 1954 2009 Now is In 2020
King Kong: Godzilla Mega Collection Shounen Ultimate Collections With All The Movies You Remember With All New Brutal Finishing Moves And Rockin Music By Japanese Performers
Godzilla: That's Right For First Ever All The Movies You Remember Including The Original Video Games of Sonic's Mega Collection Kirby's Dream Collection And a Brand New Godzilla Mega Collection
Gamera: We Got Opening Including Eternal Travller Performed By Project DMM And Chikai Performed Keizo Nakanashi Ichirou Mizuki Hironobu Kageyama And Voyager
King Kong: Here a Brand New Songs of Including op Go Go Monster Heroes Performed By Haruko Momoi Kana Hanazawa May J Yukio Yamagata Hironobu Kageyama Hideyuki Takahashi Maeda Tatsuya Ichiro Mizuki Project DMM And Voyager Godzilla Drive Performed By Hironobu Kageyama Hideyuki Takahashi Project DMM And Yukio Yamagata Precious Time Performed By Hironobu Kageyama Ichiro Mizuki May J And Voyager Creatures Wild Performed By Hironobu Kageyama Yukio Yammgata Project DMM Hideyuki Takahashi And Brand New Land Performed By Project DMM Voyager May J And Haruko Momoi
Godzilla: Watch Our Movies You Want To Watch
Gamera: Play Our Games
King Kong: Learn About Their History
Godzilla: Then Go To My TV Size List All Anime OP ED All You Remember But With Me And Gavan Got Exiting Songs For You Right Gavan
Whisper: Immediately
Godzilla: Huh I Thought That Was Gavan How You Got Here Whisper
Whisper: Wrong Gavan in Japan Now Just Let Me Talk To Those Humans
Godzilla: Right I'll Wait
Whisper: Now Then Metal Heroes Songs You Want To Hear Like TV Size Opening And Ending Then Many Many More
Godzilla: Yeah But Me And Kamen Rider Got Another Songs For You Right Kamen Rider
Fleegle: Right
Godzilla: Huh I Thought That Was Kamen Rider How You Got Here Fleegle
Fleegle: Don't Worry About Kamen Rider He's In Japan
Godzilla: Oh Go On
Fleegle: Right Kamen Rider Songs You Want To Hear Like TV Size of Opening And Ending Then Many Many More
Godzilla: Alright For Me And Akaranger Got Another Songs For You Right Akaranger
Eren Yeager: Your Right
Godzilla: Huh Your Not Akaranger What Are You Doing Here Eren
Eren Yeager: Well Akaranger Did Not Making So I Can Help Him
Godzilla: Right Move Along
Eren Yeager: Alright Super Sentai Songs You Want To Hear Like Opening And Ending Plus Many Many More
Godzilla: Nice For Me And Ultraman Got Another Songs For You Right Ultraman
Titanosaurus: Yeah
Godzilla: Whoa Your Ultraman How You Get Here Titanosaurus
Titanosaurus: So Ultraman Is Wasn't Coming So I Can Feel it For Him
Godzilla: Right Carry On
Titanosaurus: Very Well Ultraman Songs You Want To Hear Like Opening And Ending Plus Many Many More
Godzilla: Yep For Me And Cure Black Got Another Songs For You Right Cure Black
Sailor Moon: That's Right
Godzilla: Wait of Sec Your Not Cure Black What Are Doing Here Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon: Well Cure Black Didn't Making So I Can Help You My Love
Godzilla: Great Go Head
Sailor Moon: Okay Pretty Cure Songs You Want To Hear Like Opening And Ending Plus Many Many More
Godzilla: Well Yeah But We Got Menu Items Group Solo Wi-Fi Vault Options Songs Data Cast And Staff Commentary Terminator Parody Upside Down Show Parody Music Videos AMC Theatres Policy And Behind The Scene
Godzilla:Toho All Stars Movie Metal Heroes Kamen Rider And Super Sentai Including All Actors For Live Action
Sailor Moon: Hey That's Me
Titanosaurus: I Never Know I Use Be That One
King Kong:


  • Josuha Seth Godzilla
  • Ben Stiller King Kong
  • Jason Faunt Gamera
  • Eric Banzua Fleegle
  • Joey D'Auria Whisper
  • Terri Hawkes Sailor Moon
  • Kevin Conroy Titanosaurus
  • Bryce Pappenbrook Eren Yeager

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