Godzilla (Shin Gojira) Is The Incarnation Of Godzilla In The 2016 Japanese Godzilla Reboot Godzilla Resurgence.

Shin Godzilla
Godzilla resurgence shin goji by imperial96-d9z0dqt
Alias ShinGoji,Kamata Kun(In Its Second Form),

Shingawa-Kun(In Its Third Form),

Species Mutated Prehistoric Marine Animal
Friends None
Enemies The World.
First Appearance Godzilla:Resurgence

Appearance Edit

In His First Form He Is Some Kind Of A Strange Sea Creature.

In His Second Form He Is A Monster That Resembles A Giant Eel With Two Legs.

In His Third Form He Is A Turkey Dinosaur-Looking Monster With Medium Legs And Short Arms.

In His Fourth Form He Is A Black And Blood Red Skinned Godzilla Monster With Dorsal Plates In His Back And Arms That Look Slightly Like A T Rex Arms And Slightly Thick Legs And A Super Long Tail.

Role In His Film Edit

People Begin Dumping Nuclear Waste Into The Ocean That Mutates A Marine Animal Into A Monster Real Soon.Then Later A Very Large Amount Of Blood Begin Spewing In A Tunnel.Then Later The Monster In Its Second Eel Like Form Begins Rampaging Through Tokyo.Then The Monster Turns Into Is Third Form Known As Its Turkey-Looking Form Then It Heads Back To Sea.Then In Its Final Form It Becomes Godzilla And Begins Rampaging Through Tokyo.Then He Continues To Rampage Through Tokyo Leaving All Of Tokyo In Flames And Than Soon In Ruins.Than When They Battle The Monster They Also Sent Trains With Nobody In Them With Bombs To Stun The Creature Then The Creature Is Down.Than Later They Freeze The Monster And Skeletal Creatures Begin Can Be Seen In Its Tail.

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Trivia Edit

  • It Is Also Possible That This Version Of Godzilla Was Originally Going To Be A Godzilla That Resembles A Much More Bigger And Scarier Version Of His 1954 Counterpart.But Instead They Decide To Make This Godzilla An Evolving Mutated Prehistoric Marine Animal Mutated By Nuclear Waste Dumping.
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