The Godzilla (Known As Realistically Accurate Godzilla Or Realistically Accurate Gojira) Of The Realistically Accurate Godzilla Continuity Is A Mutated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature Kaiju Created By I.R.Navarro.He Is Not Supposed To Be Godzilla.He Is Just A Beast Spiritually Controlled By An Angry And Disgusted I.R.Navarro To Punish The World For Its Sins Against His Universe.He Also Appears In Four Incarnations.

Appearance Edit

This Godzilla Is Depicted As A Gigantic Mutated Prehistoric Amphibious Creature With Scaly Skin Of A Komodo Dragon,Head Of A Tyrannosaurus Rex,Dorsal Plates Of A Stegosaurus Running Down His Back,A Body,Big Legs And Long Arms And A Long Tail of A Bipedal Dinosaurian Creature.That Clearly Shows That I.R.Navarro Made His Own Godzilla Design In Realistically Accurate Godzilla.

Personality Edit

This Godzilla Is A Sympathetic And Tragic Being Lost In This World.


This Godzilla Is A Some Type Of Dinosaur Mutated Into A Gigantic Beast By Excessive Nuclear H Bomb Testing.

Incarnations Edit

Godzilla I Edit

A Giant Creature Known As Godzilla Is Created By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.It Began Sinking Countless Fishing Vessels.Then Later.It Took Refuge In Odo Island.Then It Leaves Odo Island.Then Later.It Destroys Tokyo And The World.Then Days After Its Rampage.It Is Killed By The Oxygen Destroyer.Years Later.Its Remains Are Rebuilt Into A MechaGodzilla Named Kiryu Who Fights The New Godzilla.After Defeating The New Godzilla.Its Remains Are Finally Returned To The Sea.

Godzilla II Edit

A Second Godzilla Appears In The Other Side Of Asia (Thailand).It Destroys Bangkok.While Fighting With Anguirus.Then Later.It Is Imprisoned In Ice For A Few Years.Then It Escapes And Starts Battling King Kong,Mothra,Rodan,King Ghidorah,Kamacuras,Kumonga,Varan,Gigan,Megalon,MechaGodzilla,Titanosaurus,Super X,Biollante,Battra,MechaGodzilla 2,Fire Rodan,SpaceGodzilla,Destroyah,.It Also Adopts A Son Named Godzilla Jr.Sadly This One Died Shortly After Its Fatal Battle With Destroyah.

Godzilla III Edit

Another Godzilla That Is No Ordinary Godzilla But Collective Ghosts Of Those Who Perished In World War 2 Began Wreaking Havoc On The World.He Also Battles The Three Guardian Monsters Baragon,Mothra And King Ghidorah.Unfortunately For The World.All Of These Three Monsters Are Beaten.But Hopefully This One Is Defeated.When Tachibana Fired The Missle Out Of His Chest And He Explodes.

Godzilla IIII Edit

Another Godzilla Rises Out Of The Slimy Depths And Began Wreaking Havoc On The World.Years Later.They Use The Remains Of The First Godzilla As A MechaGodzilla Named Kiryu To Fight This New Godzilla.Then It Began Fighting Kiryu For The First Time.Then One Year Later.Mothra Is Disappointed That The Remains Of The First Godzilla Are Taken From The Sea.Then The Monster Battles A Giant Turtle Named Kamoebas.Then Kills The Turtle.Then Later.When Godzilla Began Going On A Rampage On Tokyo.It Later Began To Battle First Mothra,Then Later Kiryu,Then Later It Began Battling Mothra,Mothras Twins And Kiryu.Then It Kills Mothra.Angering The Twins.Then Later.It Continues To Battle Its Robotic Counterpart Kiryu.But Kiryu Beats Godzilla.Then The Mothra Twins Spray Silk All Over Godzilla.Wrapping It.Then Later.A Possessed Kiryu Carries The Wrapped Godzilla Into The Sea.Godzillas Remains Are FInally Returned To The Sea.

Trivia Edit

  • This Incarnation Of Godzilla Is Based On Godzilla As A Villain.
  • This Godzillas Characteristics Draws Parallel From The Godzilla,Cloverfield Monster And Zilla.
  • This Godzilla Is Not Supposed To Be Godzilla.He Is Just A Beast Spiritually Controlled By An Angry And Disgusted I.R.Navarro  Realm To Punish The World For its Sins And Wickedness Against His Universe.
  • This Version Of Godzilla Is One Of The Few Incarnations Of Godzilla To Breathe Fire.Although He Also Breathes Atomic Breath.