Godzilla (Lord Gagas Remake Film) Is A Fanmade Foreign Science Fiction Fantasy Film And A Reimagining Of Toho's Godzilla Franchise.It Is Also A Bollywood Adaptation Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise.It Is Set In a Highly Fictionalized Version Of The Earth Known as Proud And Selfish Earth.And Godzilla This Time Is The Last Remaining Dragon In Proud and Selfish Earth And He Attacks Melkors Island.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Sony In the US.

Godzilla (Lord Gagas Remake Film)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho


Based On Godzilla By Toho
Followed By Godzilla The Series

Godzilla 2: Final Wars

Rating PG-13

Plot Edit

Set In A Fictionalized Version Of The World Known As Proud And Selfish Earth.A Ship Sinks And Disappears Across Sea By An Unknown Attack.Then Later Another Ship Sinks And Disappears.Then Later They Discovered That The Monster Behind All This Is Godzilla.A Fire-Breathing Lizard Who Is The Last Remaining Dragon In the World.As Godzilla Began Eating Countless Creatures (Including Human Beings) Mainly For Life Gaining.Then When Princess Elsa Is Kidnapped.Godzilla Begins Rampaging Around Dol Guldor For Lunch.As The Army Begins Trapping Godzilla With A Dead Giant Animal For Him To Eat.The Trap Worked As They Begin To Attack Godzilla But Failed.Then Godzilla Terrorizes The City For Lunch (Eating The"Bad"People In It).After Princess Elsa Was Rescued.Almost All Of The City Lays In Ruins.Then After That Happened The Professor Began Planning Something Against Godzilla Like Another Giant Monster To Fight Godzilla.He Creates An Alien Monster Called Olog Hai.Then Olog Hai Begins Battling Godzilla But Unfortunately Loses With Godzilla Biting Him In the Neck And Godzilla Swims Away.Then Later Godzilla Gets Killed By Fighter Jets While Hes Going On A Rampage In Another Place.Then Later Another Godzilla Would Come And Conquer The World Another Day.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Dr Tatopolous-He Is The Creator Of Olog Hai To Fight Godzilla.
  • Princess Elsa-She Is A Witch Princess.She Is Kidnapped Before Godzillas Attack Than Rescued When Godzilla Finished His Attack For Lunch.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla-A Fire-Breathing Lizard.Who Is The Last Remaining Dragon In The World.
  • Olog Hai-An Alien Monster Used By The Professor To Battle Godzilla.


  • Despite This Film Being Another Failed Reimagining Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise.It Is Also Possible That A Correct Version Of The Film And Its Sequels Is Completed.Where Godzilla Is A Mutated Dinosaur Rather Than A Fire-Breathing Lizard.
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