Godzilla (Ian Witwckys Remake And Adaptation Series) Is A Fanmade Foreign Series Of Remakes And Adaptations Of The Japanese Godzilla Films By Toho.It Features A Godzilla That Is A Godzillasaurus God Awakened From a Million Year Sleep Who Serves As The Main Antagonist Of The Remake Of The Original Godzilla Film In 1954 And The Main Anti Hero Of The Rest Of The Series.It Was Distributed By Toho In  Japan And Warner Brothers In The US.

                  Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Remake And Adaptation Series)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Writter By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro

Distributed By   Toho

Warner Brothers

Based On Godzilla By Toho

Inspired By Godzilla By Toho

Rating PG-13

Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Remake Film)Edit

A Godzillasaurus Was Mutated Into A God-Like Kaiju By Nuclear H Bomb.Attacks Tokyo In 1954.Then The Oxygen Destroyer Finally Destroyed The Monster.

Godzilla Raids Again (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Returns And Fights Another Monster Named Anguirus.He Destroys Osaka This Time.Then Later.He Gets Sealed On Ice.

King Kong Vs Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Escapes From His Icy Prison.He Battles Everyones Giant Ape Known As King Kong.Then It Is Either.King Kong Or Godzilla Who Wins.

Mothra Vs Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Returns Once Again And Battles Mothra.Then Is Finally Defeated By Mothras Children When They Spray Silk All Over His Body And Wrapping Him In Silk Sending Him Into The Sea.

Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Returns As A Hero And Joins Forces With Rodan And Mothra.He Battles An Evil Three-Headed Kaiju Named King Ghidorah.Who Will Be Later Known As His Archenemy.

Invasion Of Astro Monsters (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles With Rodan To Battle His Archenemy King Ghidorah And A Newly Discovered Race Of Aliens Called The Xilians.

Godzilla vs The Sea Monster (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla And Mothra Team Up To Battle A Giant Lobster Named Ebirah.

Son Of Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Adopts A Son Named Minilla.He Also Battles A Giant Mantis Named Kamacuras And A Giant Spider Named Kumonga Mostly To Protect His Newborn Son.

Godzillas Revenge (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

A Little Boy Named Ishiro Dreams About Godzilla And His Son.But Needs To Watch Out For Bank Robbers.

Godzilla Vs Hedorah (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles A Giant Blob-Like Monster Named Hedorah.

Godzilla Vs Gigan (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Teams Up With Anguirus To Battle King Ghidorah And His New Sidekick Gigan.

Godzilla Vs Megalon (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Teams Up With Jet Jaguar To Battle A Giant Beetle Named Megalon And His Sidekick Gigan.

Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

A Fake Godzilla Emerges And Battles Anguirus.Then The Real Godzilla Battles The Fake Godzilla And The Fake Godzilla Reveals To Be MechaGodzilla In Disguise.Then Godzilla And King Caesar Battles MechaGodzilla.

Terror Of MechaGodzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles MechaGodzilla And Titanosaurus.

Destroy All Monsters (Ian Witwickys Version) Part 1Edit

Godzilla And All Of The Other Monsters Live At Peace In Monster Island.Until Some Aliens Come And Take Control Of The Monsters To Wreak Havoc Worldwide.

Destroy All Monsters (Ian Witwickys Version) Part 2Edit

Godzilla And All Of The Other Monsters Are Being Controlled By The Aliens To Wreak Havoc Worldwide.Then Later In Mt Fuji.The Aliens Sent Their Very Own Monster King Ghidorah To Kill The Earth Monsters.But The Earth Monsters Beat Him Up And Godzilla Destroys The Aliens Hideout And Godzilla And All Of The Other Monsters Are Now At Peace Once Again.

The Return Of Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Returns,Wreaks Havoc On Modern Day Tokyo And Battles Super X.

Godzilla Vs Biollante (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles A Plant-Based Kaiju Named Biollante.

Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Once Again Battles His Archenemy King Ghidorah.Then He Battles His Final Form As A Cyborg Known As Mecha-King Ghidorah.

Godzilla And Mothra Battle For Earth (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles Mothra And Also His Evil Male Counterpart Named Battra.

Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla 2 (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Battles Rodan In An Island.He Adopts Another Son Who Is Later Known As Godzilla JR.Then He Battles A Second MechaGodzilla Named MechaGodzilla 2.Then He And His Son Departs To Birth Island.

Godzilla Vs SpaceGodzilla (Ian Witwickys Version)Edit

Godzilla Is Now At Peace In Birth Island Along With His Son.Then An Evil Kaiju Named SpaceGodzilla Emerges And Imprisons His Son.He Teams Up With MOGUERA To Battle SpaceGodzilla.Then When Godzilla Finally Defeated SpaceGodzilla.His Son Is Now Free.Then Godzilla Departs Home.

Godzilla Vs Destroyah (Ian Witwickys Version) Part 1Edit

Godzilla Is Now In His Burning Godzilla Form.His Son Is Now Grown Up.He Battles An Evil Kaiju Named Destroyah.

Godzilla Vs Destroyah (Ian Witwickys Version) Part 2Edit

The Battle Between Godzilla,His Son Godzilla Jr And The Evil Kaiju Destroyah Continues.They Battle Destroyah In His First Forms.Then Destroyah Comes In His Final Form And Almost Kills Godzilla JR.But Godzilla Revives His Son.Then The Enraged Godzilla Fights Destroyah.As Destroyah Attempts To Escape.He Gets Shot Down And Finally Gets Defeated And Destroyed By Godzilla.Then Godzilla Began To Melt Down And Then He Finally Dies.Then His Son Godzilla JR Is Now Fully Grown And Could Now Be A New Godzilla.As He Could Be The New King Of The Monsters.

Godzilla 2000: MilleniumEdit

Godzilla Is Back.He Begins Wreaking Havoc On Modern Day Japan.Then He Battles A Type Of Alien Monster Called The Millenian That First Appears As A UFO And Finally Appears As Orga.Then Godzilla Fights Orga.Then Almost Gets Eaten By The Space Monster And Finally Destroys Him Turning Him Into Ashes.Then He Kills The Antagonist Katagiri.Then He Starts Turning Most Of Tokyo Into A Sea Of Fire.

Godzilla Vs MegaguirusEdit

Godzilla Returns And Battles A Colony Of Dragonfly-Like Monsters Called The Meganula.Then He Battles Their Queen Called Megaguirus.Then After Defeating Megaguirus.He Gets Defeated By The Dimension Tide.But Survives It.

Godzilla,Mothra And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out AttackEdit

Godzilla Returns Once Again And Battles Japans Guardian Monsters Known As Baragon,Mothra And King Ghidorah.Who Tries To Stop His Reign Of Terror In Japan.But Unfortunately.Godzilla Beats All Three Guardian Monsters Leaving Only Their Spirits To Survive.Then He Gets Defeated By Tachibana.

Godzilla Vs KiryuEdit

Godzilla Returns Another Time.His Bones Are Taken From The Sea And Rebuilt Into A New Type Of MechaGodzilla Named Kiryu.Then Later.When Godzilla Battles Kiryu.He Is Mad That They Are Using His Bones As A Robot.One Year Later.Mothra Is Very Disappointed That Godzillas Bones Are Taken From The Sea.Then Later When Godzilla Arrives To Destroy Tokyo.Kiryu,Mothra And Her Twins Battle Godzilla.But Godzilla Kills Mothra.Then Its Up To Kiryu And Mothras Twins To Finish Godzilla.Then Godzilla Is Defeated When The Twins Wrapped Him In Silk Then Kiryu Carries The Wrapped Godzilla To The Sea.

Godzilla: Final Wars Part 1Edit

Godzilla Gets Sealed Up In An Icy Prison By The First Gotengo In The South Pole.Then Years Later.The Second Gotengo Battles And Defeats Manda Near London.Then Later.Monsters Appear And Began Wreaking Havoc Worldwide.Anguirus Attacks Shanghai,Zilla Attacks Sydney,King Caesar Attacks Okinawa,Rodan Attacks New York,Kamacuras Attacks Paris,Kumonga Attacks Phoenix And Ebirah Attacks Tokai Village.But Is Defeated By The Mutants.Then The Aliens Eliminate All The Monsters And Their Ship Lands On Top Of The Tokyo Headquarters.Then Later The Aliens Unleash The Monsters.Then Its Up To The Few To Unleash Godzilla To Save Mankind.

Godzilla: Final Wars Part 2Edit

The Few Take The New Gotengo To The South Pole To Wake Up Godzilla.When They Are In The South Pole.They Are Being Attacked By Gigan.Then They Release Godzilla From His Icy Prison. Godzilla Battles And Defeats Gigan.Then Chases The Gotengo.Then He Fights All The Other Monsters Worldwide.Godzilla Fights Zilla In Sydney,Godzilla Fights Kumonga In New Guinea,Godzilla Fights Kamacuras Then Anguirus,Rodan And King Caesar In Mt Fuji.Then When Finally Arriving In Tokyo.He Fights Hedorah And Ebirah In Tokyo Bay,Then He Fires At Gorath (That Is Actually Containing Monster X In It).Leaving Much Of Tokyo In Ruins.Then Mothra Battles Gigan.Then Godzilla,Mothra And Monster X,Gigan Level The Ruins Of Tokyo.Then Mothra Defeats Gigan And Seemly Dies.Then Godzilla Battles Monster X Alone In The Ruins Of Tokyo.Then Later Monster X Becomes Keizer Ghidorah.Keizer Ghidorah Gets The Best Of Godzilla At First.But Godzilla Gains The Upper Hand And Fights Back Against The Evil Kaiju.Tearing Off Two Of His Three Heads And Tossing Him From Place To Place.Then Throws Him All The Way Into The Air And Firing At Him And Destroying Him With His Spiral Heat Ray.Then Godzilla Roars Victoriously.Then He Turns On The Gotengo.Then His Son Comes And Begs His Father To Forgive Mankind For Mutating Him.Then Godzilla And His Son Departs Home In Peace.


  • The Series Incarnation And Version Of Godzilla Mostly Resembles A Modern Version Of Godzilla 1954 The Classic Godzilla And GMK Godzilla.
  • It Is Also Possible That A Better And Correct Version Of Lord Gagas Remake Series Is Completed On The Same Time Along With Ian Witwickys Remake Series.
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