A God Incarnate A Town Doomed ~Tagline

Godzilla (I.R.Navarros Religious Reboot Film) is a Fanmade Religious Science Fiction Supernatural Fantasy Crossover Film And A Reboot Of Toho's Godzilla Franchise And A Disney/Non Disney Crossover Parody Of The Prince Of Egypt.It Is Also A Bollywood Adaptation Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise.It Is The First Godzilla Film In The Disney/Non-Disney Crossover Physical Bible.Its Is A Bit Like The Legendary Pictures Godzilla Reboot in 2014.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Funimation In The US.

Godzilla (I.R.Navarros Religious Reboot Film)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho


Based On Godzilla By Toho
Followed By Godzilla: The Planet Of Monsters
Inspired By The Prince Of Egypt

Godzilla (2014 Film)

Rating PG-13

Plot Edit

Over The Years The Earth Is Littered With Radiation And Nuclear Waste.In The 1950s A Nuclear Bomb Testing Awakens A God-Like Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile Known As Godzilla That Has Evolved Over The Years The Army Try To secure Its Existence But Unfortunately Most Weapons Dont Work Because Its Too Strong And Powerful And nothing Harms or Kills Him And He Has Laid Waste To Countless Cities And Other Places All Over The World.Years Later In 2004 A Hellhound Named Charlie The Hellhound Hires Countless Bad Characters To Use The Good Characters Known As The Odo Islanders As Slaves In His Ship Known As The Titanic Of Evil And Charlie Barkin And Charlie The Hellhound Became Adoptive Brothers Until Charlie Barkin Accidentally Pushes One Of Charlie The Hellhounds Guards Out Of Charlie The Hellhounds Ship Into The Sea And Gets Banished.Then In 2007 Godzilla Finally Appears.Then Godzilla Battles Zilla In Long Beach Causing All Of Long Beach To Be Destroyed.Then Later Charlie Barkin Returns To Charlie The Hellhounds Ship.Charlie Barkin Begs Charlie The Hellhound To Let The Good Characters Go But Charlie Wouldn't Listen So Godzilla Sinks Charlie The Hellhounds Ship By Using His Fins With The Iceberg Tearing Open A Hole In The Ships Hull.As The Ship Sinks So Many Of The Bad Characters Drown As They Also Suffer From Hypothermia.Then Later Charlie The Hellhound Finally Lets The Good Characters Go.Then Later The Odo Islanders Celebrate Their Freedom.Then In 2008, Charlie The Hellhound In His Flying Monster Form And The Bad Characters Arrive In Japan Prepared To Kill The Odo Islanders And In Order To Save The Odo Islanders The Battle Between Godzilla And Charlie The Hellhound In Tokyo Happens.Godzilla Battles Charlie The Hellhound Before He Gets Close To The Odo Islanders.Charlie The Hellhound And The Bad Characters Chase The Odo Islanders.Then Godzilla Defeats Charlie The Hellhound (By Opening His Mouth And Firing Him To His throat And Beheading Him) Whilst Trying To Kill The Odo Islanders Saving The Odo Islanders Life.Then Godzilla Falls Asleep Until The Next Morning And In The Next Morning Godzilla Awakens And The Odo Islanders Are Now Free And Godzilla Who Is Now King Of The Monsters Departs Home In Peace.

Characters Edit

Non Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Charlie Barkin-A German Shepherd Mix Who Charlie The Hellhound Adopts As A Brother.He Later Wants The Good Characters To Be Free From Slavery.He Serves As the Main Protagonist Of the Film
  • Itchy Itchiford-Charlie Barkins Sometimes Whiny Dachshund Sidekick.He Serves A The Deuteragonist Of The Film
  • Harley-A Damsel In Distress Turned Future Wife Of Charlie Barkin.
  • The Good Characters-Countless Good Disney/Non Disney Characters Who Are Also Natives Of Odo Island.
  • The Bad Characters-Countless Evil Disney/Non Disney Characters.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla-A God-Like Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile Awakened By Nuclear H Bomb.He Is A Monster That Charlie Barkin Teams Up With To Save The Good Characters From Slavery.He Is More Gentle Than His Other Incarnations.He Serves As The Main Kaiju Protagonist In the Film.
  • Charlie The Hellhound-He Is A Hellhound Kaiju Who Is The Captain Of The SS Titanic of Evil.He Wants To Keep The Good Characters As Slaves. He Makes Life Difficult For the Good Characters. He Is The Main Antagonist In The Film.
  • Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla-Formerly Promoted As An Incarnation of Godzilla Known As Godzilla 1998.He Is A Marine Iguana Mutated Into A Huge Godzilla Type Creature.
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