The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Godzilla/Gojira Is The Main Kaiju Character Of I.R.Navarros Godzilla Series In The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse.

Role In His Films In Prehistoric Times.Godzilla First Appears As A Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile/Godzillasaurus Living With His Family,Playing With His Old Friends And Fighting With His Old Foes.Til Then While He Is Sleeping In A Very Safe Place.A Demonic Kaiju Named Murgoth And His Army Began Slaughtering Most Of His Species Due To His Jealousy And Envy Towards His Species For Being Powerful.After The Slaughter Murgoth Is Banished For Slauhtering Godzillas Family.Years Later.A Nuclear Atomic H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean Awakens And Transforms Him Into A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Hybrid Of Every Godzilla.Years After His Awakening And Transformation.The Monster Begins Sinking Countless Ships (Including A Cruise Ship Called The SS Harry Potter) Than He Takes Refuge In Odo Island (Also To Be Sighted By Mankind) Then He Leaves Odo Island Into The Sea Then He Later Approaches Tokyo And Then That Fearful Night The Monster Begins Rampaging Through Tokyo Until It Is In Ruins Then Returned To The Sea Then He Got Persumebly Killed By The Oxygen Destroyer.But He Survives The Oxygen Destroyer And Is Seen Again Preying On A Sea Monster.Then He Fights His Different Species Counterpart Known As The False Godzilla In Honolulu.After Fighting And Defeating His False Counterpart Known As The False Godzilla.He Starts Destroying Bejing This Time While Fighting Anguirus Than Gets Imprisoned On Ice Than He Escapes And Battles King Kong Then He Battles His Tristar American Counterpart Known As Zilla Then Mothra And Then Countless Other Monsters (Whom Are Both His Friends And Foes) Then Later He Battles Two Arch Enemy Monsters Known As The Satanic Kaiju Murgoth And The Hero Turned Villain Hero Lord Ian Hans II/Sauron The Flying Monster.A War Between Good And Evil Known As A War Between Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non Kaiju Friends And Murgoth And His Minions Ensues.During The Battle Between Godzilla And His Kaiju/Non-Kaiju Friends And Murgoth And His Minions.Much Of Tokyo Burns In Flames As The Battle Continues.At The Third And Final Wave Of The Battle Godzilla Battles Murgoth In His Ghidorah-Like Final Form.Murgoth Almost Kills Godzilla (As He Enters The Afterlife For A While To Visit His Deceased Relatives).But With The Help Of The Supernatural Means Of The Good Guys.Godzilla Will Be Able To Gain The Upper Hand And Fight Back.Then Godzilla Turns Into Super Godzilla And Defeats Murgoth As He Fires His Red Spiral Heat Ray In A Beam Battle Beating Him Through His Electric Breath Then Deep Through His Mouth Beheading The Evil Satanic Kaiju And Destroying Him For Good (Murgoth Is Trapped In Hell For Eternity).Then Super Godzilla Reverts Back To Normal Godzilla And Falls Asleep Until The Next Morning.In The Next Morning.Tokyo Is In Ruins.Godzilla Finally Wakes Up.Then He Walks Peacefully Towards The Injured Characters.Then His Son Came.As Godzilla Leaves Tokyo Peacefully.His Son Comes With Him Into The Ocean.He And His Son Leaves Home In Peace.Godzilla Is Now King Of The Monsters.

Years After The Events Of Godzilla:The Movie.An Angry And Disgusted I.R.Navarro Saw That Things In His Life Has Gone From Bad To Worst In The World So He Decideds To Put A Return Of Godzilla To Punish The World For Its Sins Against Its Universe.Moments Later In Modern Day Tokyo.The Scary-Looking Reincarnated Godzilla Starts Going On A Rampage On Modern Day Tokyo Soon Leaving All Of The City In Ruins.After His Modern Day Tokyo And World Rampage.Godzilla Begins Combating Cainface And Kate As An Easy Combat Only To Devour The Two Sinful Wolves.As The New Era Begins.Godzilla Starts Battling Countless Other Monsters (Both Old And New).Then Godzilla Battles Two Villain Monsters Known As The Three Headed Monster Named King Ghidorah And His Evil Alien Clone Known As SpaceGodzilla.Another War Between Good And Evil Known As A War Between Godzilla And His Kaiju/Non-Kaiju Friends And King Ghidorah And SpaceGodzilla And The Bad Guys Ensues.Godzilla And His Kaiju/Non-Kaiju Friends Battle King Ghidorah,SpaceGodzilla And The Aliens At Mt Fuji.At The End Of The Battle.Godzilla And His Kaiju/Non-Kaiju Friends Finally Defeat Murgoth And SpaceGodzilla.Then Later The Good Guys Are Once Again In Peace As Godzilla Is Once Again The King Of The Monsters.

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