the characters of the cegi era:[edit | edit source]

  • Michael Alexander(main character)
  • Kogo Mosura(first monster introduced in the cegi era)
  • Diamond Godzilla(first enemy)
  • Battron/battra(mothra's evil twin sister. and yes this one is a female. pronunciation: bat-tron)
  • Nano Mema/Nona Ymja(mothra's life long friend back from the jurassic era. pronunciation: nano me-ma/ / no-na yim-ja
  • Scerores(-class 3 aerial combat flyer- pronunciation: sir-O-res)
  • Nono Meji(Nano Mema's daughter. pronunciation: no-no me-je)
  • Warerah(-class 2 type 5 combat fighter- pronunciation: war-rah)
  • M.B.T.A.R.(massive battle terrestrial airborne robot)
  • Nitedio(i dont know how to descibe this one. pronunciation: night-dio)
  • Crystalagul(basicly just a massive chrysopelea with wings. pronunciation: chrys-sta-la-gul)
  • Kargar(basicly just a massive yi ci dinosoar that can breath fire and can discharge 1,000+ voltage of static electricity out of its mouth and wings. pronunciation: car-gar)

story line:[edit | edit source]

the cegi era first starts off with mothra(in the godzilla, Heisei dimension), who finds out form the shobijin that she held godzilla cells that can mutate her in to a godzilla like creature and she may not have controll over herself and attack the city, so what she comes up with is to go to a black hole and have the black hole take the cells off her body. she goes into the black hole accidentally and travels to 'dimension zero'(our dimension) and forms into a ball and generates a thick layer of ice to protect her from the coldness of space. nasa finds this ball of ice and is heading towards earth. mothra crashes into the atlantic ocean, gets picked up by nasa then gets a lot of tests on her. meanwhile, Michael Alexander speaks to mothra telepathically and gets a ramplow drag tractor and busts her out of her cage, but mothra follows alexander home, so Alexander is her protector, for now. 3 years later, a new monster appeared out of nowhere named Diamond Godzilla. michael thought of a plan to kill diamond godzilla. he assembled a 50 person army. 'wait, if were the army, then we got no chance!' a person said. 'well i have a plan' michael said 'we'll make a robot, not just any robot either.' the army got to building the robot, day by day, not alot was getting done. 'um sir, were going to need a more efficent way of building this 150 meter tall robot' one of the production advisors said to michael. 'well we're going to need an asembaly line to make this go by quicker'. after 135 days, the robot was finnished. they called it M.B.T.A.R. the robot went into battle. after diamond godzilla's death people discovered how to make black holes. And tried to pioneer a black hole dimension generator. And countless people died while trying to test it. Scerores was made to be able to go to another dimension and actually get back To dimension zero. Scerores went to the godzilla dimension in the Jurassic era and found Nano mema on an island that looked like infant island(before it got nuked) nano mema got intimidated and tried to fight it. Scerores didn’t fight back, then mothra larvae swam from the mainland to the island to stop Nano Mema fighting Scerores, Because mothra can sense that scerores is not bad and is good. the shobijin can hear multiple voices coming from inside the mecha-monster trying to figure out where they are and what time period this is. scerores communicates to the mothra larvae via radio waves and asks what the cat like creature is, “that’s nona ymja” they replied. the mothra larvae goes over to Nano Mema and says “we‘re sorry that we did that to you”. (And to be clear, he did have wings, mothra imago got angry at Nona Ymja and ripped his wings right out of their sockets when he was a baby) “I forgive you“ Nona Ymja replied. Scerores tells Nano Mema that he can help him regain flight, he just needs to follow him to his dimension. Nona Ymja accepts Scerores' help and lets him take him to dimension zero, Scerores asks: “are you okay with water?” Nona Ymja says: “of course!” Scerores opens the worm hole and throws him through, Scerores followed right on his tail.(leaving mothra in her dimension) in dimension zero, Nona Ymja finds himself in some sort of facility. to his right he sees countless sceroress and to his left, a lot of other monster-looking machines. "what are they going to do to me?" as he finishes his statement, Scerores flies out of the wormhole and closes behind him. The pilots come out of Scerores' head and directs Nona Ymja to a place in the facility where he would get a body scan, a computer generates computer generated armor with wings that look like a moths' wings. that's when Nona Ymja is renamed Nano Mema. his armor is mostly all black with a few places grey, but his wings are full of color. Nano Mema’s armor also has a heavy-lift mode which can lift as much as 5 mothra larvae from the millennium era. and he also has a helmet that can play music, locate nearby enemies, and can even communicate with other mecha-monsters. Nano Mema then is taken upstairs to the surface and that is when he finds a creature that looks like mothra called Kogo Mosrua(empress mothra in Japanese). Kogo Mosura is the first mothra from the beginning of the cegi era. He also finds a man named Michael Alexader, he tells Nano Mema that Alexader can talk to all monsters and can tell which ones are bad and which ones are good. “It’s just a gift” Alexander tells Nano Mema. He explains that Nano Mema is in a time period where the earth is such an advance world that there is even a city on mars. As the armor is getting manufactured, Nano Mema says hello to Kogo Mosura and she instantly gets a crush on Nano Mema, Nano Mema backs off. Kogo Mosura gets up and follows Nano Mema, Nano Mema tries to run away but Kogo Mosura grabs him with her wings, Alexader orders Kogo Mosura to let the guest go, mothra disobeys Her companion and pins Nano Mema to the wooden floor boards. “Mothra! our guest is too young to be doing this! let him go Now!” Mothra lets Nano Mema go, Nano Mema runs away to the other side of the room to get as far away from mothra as possible(and also, i will be calling Kogo Mosura mothra from now on, just so you don't get confused), then Alexander says sorry to Nano Mema and that mothra is as well, and that she did not know Nano Mema is still a kid. Alexander then tells Nano Mema that mothra comes from his dimension in the future, and she remembers Nano Mema and she thinks Nano Mema forgot about mothra and she just wants to say hi and play with him. The M.T.M.D. Inc.(Monster Taming and Monster Defenses Inc.) has estimated when the armor will be done and how much Nano Mema will grow in 50 years, so they made the suit fit him when he is 68 years old(he was taken to dimension zero when he was 18 years old, for him 100 years old is an adult so he is just a baby). 50 years has passed by, and the calculations were perfect. Nano Mema tried on the armor, “it fits like a glove” he said. “But i can not control the wings” he wondered, Alexander explains to Nano Mema: ”we need to do some surgery on you for you to have the ability of flight“. “What’s surgery?” Nano Mema asks. “Surgery is where a creature gets there insides exposed and gets something implanted or gets artificial organs inside of them” a worker explains to Nano Mema. “That sounds like it would hurt.” We do something to make it not hurt” the worker explains(and also Nano Mema has learned English while he has been in dimension zero). They implant a neurotransmitter in his brain, then he puts his armor back on and he can control everything on his armor, his helmet is kept in a compartment in the back of his armor. Alexander tells Nano Mema he can also use commands to play music, do calculations, control different parts of his armor like weapons that he can not control with his own body, including an electromagnetic force field that can stop pretty much anything even Godzilla’s atomic breath. The suit was tested and analyzed and seemed that he used his moth-like-wings more like a bird, especially in his heavy-lift mode. Nano Mema uses his wings like knives and so his wings were upgraded to be able to stand intense stress and retain it’s shape. Nano Mema’s wings are made out of scandium-aluminium-alloy sheets, 4 inches thick with diamond coated edges around the edges of the wings so it cannot break with high speed, pressure, and/or stress. when Nano Mema was a baby, he seemed to like the old Mothra song and that made him go to sleep really quick(especially Mothra Leo), and that still happens when he is 900 years old(Nano Mema’s species can live for an average of 1500 years). Nano Mema was brought back to the Godzilla dimension, but instead of being in the Jurassic era Nano Mema was 65 million years into the future(in the millennium era In the movie Tokyo SOS). Nano Mema saw that godzilla was going to kill mothra while she was trying to protect her larvae, Nano Mema pushed mothra to the ground to get her out of the way Nano Mema fired his atomic breath at Godzilla before he had a chance to do his atomic breath on mothra, knocking Godzilla on to his back Nano Mema Rammed into Godzilla, activating his electromagnetic force field killing Godzilla once and for all, an explosion of blood happened. Then Kiryu shows up and is like: what just happened??? Blood everywhere, chunks of godzilla flesh all over the place. Then Nano Mema goes over to mothra(millennium) and picks her up and flies her to infant island and leaves her to be in peace. While the larvae are swimming to infant island, Nano Mema goes to his island and builds a home for himself, since mothra has her own home(and also Nano Mema has learned some building skills while he was in dimension zero). as he is building his house, Mothra(millennium, imago) was screeching for her new “friend” Nano Mema came flying to Mothra thinking that she was in trouble. But mothra just wanted to tell Nano Mema that she has an egg that isn’t her’s and she thinks that it’s his, mothra pointed with her wing at a cave entrence nearby which leads to where that other egg is. Nano Mema went down through that cave and saw the egg, then he got a vision from when he was just born(hatching out of his and his long gone sister’s egg). “well, I guess this is mine now...” Nano Mema said to himself, grabbing the egg with his front legs and climbing on top of it. Nano Mema took off the ground, and flew out of a hole in the roof of the cave with his egg, and flew it to his island home. After his house was finished, Nano Mema took the egg inside the house and incubated the egg with his body heat(that’s what chickens do, right?) Two days later, the egg was ready to hatch. The egg glowing and flickering(kind of like when mothra’s egg hatched in mothra vs. godzilla from the showa era), then a beam of light came bursting out of the top of the egg, it too was flashing colors. Then the baby came bursting out of the top of the egg. Nano Mema had another vision, Nano Mema thought to himself: “yep, that’s a Megapholophis Cat”. Nano Mema said to his daughter: “I think i’ll call you... Nono Meji!“ Nono Meji and Nano Mema lived on peacefully with mothra(millennium), but one day; Nano Mema got a message from dimension zero saying that the humans needed help from Nano Mema and that the humans have found a kaiju that they cannot defeat. “Oh, can I bring mothra millennium with me?” Nano Mema asks the humans, “um okay, but she may not be much use in the battle...” the M.T.M.D. tells Nano Mema. “Let’s put armor on her!” Nano Mema tells the. M.T.M.D. ”it’s not that simple” they tell Nano Mema, ”remember, budget.” “I know” says Nano Mema. “Mothra millennium will sadly have to stay in the godzilla dimension, sorry.” Nano Mema sighs, “fine, i’m coming...” Nano Mema first goes to mothra(millennium) to ask her if she can watch nono meji, she says yes, nona ymja then opens the wormhole. only to find that the monster destroyed half of the world's‘ populations’ homes. Nano Mema went to M.T.M.D. inc. and they showed Nano Mema a photo of the monster. “that’s the thing that killed my parents!” Nano Mema yelled in frustration and revenge. battron was the unstoppable kaiju's name. It cannot be defeated because the humans cannot find where battron was laying it's eggs. so Nano Mema's objective was to locate where battron lays it's eggs;(the humans don't know that battron is a female, so they call battron an "it") and when battron goes to lay it's egg, after battron leaves, Nano Mema will kill the egg then the humans will open fire on battron(oh, i forgot to tell you, since battron killed Nano Mema's parents, kobo mosura sort-of adopted Nano Mema and raised him and mothra(millennium) is taking care of nono meji while Nano Mema is in dimension zero). Nano Mema located the egg and found battron just laying near her egg she has recently planted, Nano Mema waited patiently, as if he was a lion waiting for his pray to get close enough for a sneak attack. after some time, battron thought that it was about time to attack the humans and did not expect that her egg is in danger. after battron was far enough away that Nano Mema could escape successfully, Nano Mema climbed on top of the egg then activated the electromagnetic super shield and the egg exploded; Nano Mema ran as fast as he can out of the cave(the cave is in the side of mount fuji) in hope that he would out run battron. Using his heavy lift mode, he out runs battron. the humans had a new weapon named Warerah.(warerah is like my version of kiryu, but with photon cannons on its shoulders, scissors for hands, a lot more armor, and razor sharp wings that resembles a kite(bird)'s wings and with the F1 rocket motors from the Saturn V rocket on pop-out flaps on it's leg armor. warerah has two nuclear generators in the torso area, so it needed more armor there so it does not explode. the mecha-monster is as-well radio controlled from the M.T.M.D. base) warerah then went no mercy on battron and just completely annihilated battron. no more battron. after that, Nano Mema asked for some new wings and helmet. "i would like them to be like battron's wings, please"(for a giant monster, he does have some nice manners) [edit: oh wait, i should probably tell you guys how battron is mothra's sister and why Nano Mema is so angry at battron. so in the godzilla dimension, 65 million years ago(sounds familiar?) mothra had triplets(may sound nice,for now). but one seemed to be in her imago stage, she was named battra. but battra no interest in helping her sisters or her mother(at this time of the earth, there was no godzilla(s) to kill mothra, so mothra thrived and nona ymja's species(the megapholosophis cats)) battra just wanted to destoy the world. the first ever mothra(the one that gave birth to battra) tried to stop battra's rain of terror. a couple of years later, nona ymja was born. battra saw from the skies nona ymja's egg was hatching and thought to give nona a little surprise when he hatched. battra ripped the moon using her super magnetic telekinesis. then the moon got all craters over it. nona then hatched, battra got an asteroid and killed nona's parents right in front of him(battra be evil!) nona's mother's head is sticking out of the bottom asteroid. nona's mother looked up at nona. nona's mother tried to get up, but battra only pushed harder down using her powers. then nona's mother collapsed! nona and his sister(yes, he does have a sister and she is about 20 years old). nona and his sister then hugged their fallen mother, they burst into tears. nona's sister then looked up only to find battra flying like a vulture in the night sky. nona's sister then tells nona to get on her back, she runs into a nearby forest while asteroids are falling all around them. they escaped!(thank god) 16 years later, nona decided to make an army to kill battra once and for all(she simpily haven't layed an egg yet). nona left his sister while she was sleeping, nona gathered 5 mothra imagos, 15 mothra larvae, and 250 megapholosophis cats. nona and the megapholosophis cats used the 'war rays'(battra's version of atomic breath, which is blood red) they got from battra. but it didn't go at all as planed(the war rays were going to paralyse battra then mothra larvae were going to trap battra in silk) the megapholosophis cats fired their war rays, but battra used her super magnetic telekinesis and bent the 250 beams of radiation to all the mothras killing all the imagos and 7 out of the 15 larvae(again, battra be evil!). then the mothra that gave birth to battra was like: 'hell no, i'm not letting them get away with that!' mothra flew right over battra. the megapholosophis cats started to fly away, nona is just a baby but for any of you hardcore mothra fans out there, this may just break your heart, so you've been warned. mothra then flew towards nona, grabbing nona's wing with her mouth and yanked nona's wing right out of it's socket! mothra then, with a big flap of her wings, grabs nona with her legs and she turned her body and they fell into the water below. meanwhile, battra killed the remaining mothra larvae with her war rays. nona is washed ashore to what looked like infant island. yep back to this part of the cegi era, it's so weird telling you this all now, but this takes place when nona ymja is first found by scerores a year later and mothra just found nona as scerores and nona are fighting(one last time, Battra. Be. EVIL!) :end of edit] (any ways, let's continue with the story ,shall we?) nona then tells the M.T.M.D. "you do know that i'm amphibious, right?" nona asks if his new helmet can have a jaw that opens as he opens his real mouth and a way for him to breath underwater. "a couple of slits in the area of where my nostrols are will be fine." the M.T.M.D. made the underwater 'gills' actually be able to suck in water into his nostrols so nona doesn't have to be constantly swimming(megapholophis cats are a little like a great white shark, as in they need to move to breath. and megappholosophis cats' nostrils are connected to their gills.) the M.T.M.D. makes nona's new wings like battron's wings(battra from 65 million years ago is the same as battron, and what makes it so weird is that battron is a dragon. yet the mothra from last edit point gave birth to a dragon [you: why? that makes no sense.  me: well godzilla ain't making any sense any time soon, is he]) but nona wanted his wings not exactly like battron's wings so the M.T.M.D. just puts an extra finger on. after the new gear was done, nona ymja went back to see nono meji and mothra millennium. nono meji was doing well, mothra millennium was taking care of nono meji. and nona ymja notices that nono meji laid an egg while her father was gone. nono meji has been growing fast, like really fast. nono and nona then went home and nono incubated her egg. back at dimension zero; a group of scientists was genicticly engineering a chrysopelea to have a greater flying capabilaties. they escaped, so the M.T.M.D. had to capture them. michael wanted one as a pet, so the scientists leted michael have one. michael chosed a female. michael's pet was smart, she found her way out of her enclouser and the way to the nukular reactor chamber, she was found climbing up the reactor to glide down to the air ducts. she was caught and put in a safe place. 'what a little rascul' michael said. while michael's pet was in her new enclouser she laid an egg, michael's pet died of radiation posioning. but her egg was as healthy as any egg can be, michael thought that maybe he can try to bring back his pet to life by incubating this egg. it worked and it was again a female, she was like a rainbow, but more green. michael named her crystalagul. when crystalagul was in adolessons, she grew to be 15 meters long, and she was still growing. by the time she was reaching adulthood she was 176 metters long with a 56 meter wingspan, but she was still growing. meanwhile the scientists were combining diamond godzilla cells with a nitro rose to see if they can get near infinte 'natural crude oil'. so whats special about a nitro rose is that when grounded, it will turn into a crude-oil-like substance that can be refined and can be a fuel sorce that can be planted to make fuel. but what the scientists were hoping for was a nitro rose that can be squeezed and cannot run out of fuel(dosen't have to be crushed). it worked origanaly, but the nitro rose got really big and it's roots started to grow upwards. then the roots started to grow something strange, 'it looks like a mouth, with teeth' one of the scientists said. that's because it was. the rose started to grow larger, the roots begun to hit against the glass the nitro rose was encaged in. it was alive! [this turned into a frankenstein version of godzilla vs. biolante really quick. by the way, nitedio is biolante and kargar is 'godzilla']. the roots got so strong, it broke out of it's glass safe. the nitro rose was growing fast and oddly, having a wider bottom and going into a cone shape. while all that was happening, the scientists were creating a yi ci dinosaur, but the yi ci sallowed a pezioelectric crystal(quarts). the yi ci got so big that it looked like a fluffy dragon and thanks to the quarts it sallowed, it can now exheale fire, like a dragon. the nitro rose was code named nitedio by the M.T.M.D. and the yi ci was code named kargar by the M.T.M.D. crystalagul was suited up with armor and weapons, then was forced to fight nitedio, michael was a nice guy and didnt want to distrube nona and nono, but he didnt want to make crystalagul fight. he had no other choice. the fight was the worst idea ever. mothra was talking with nona telepathicly that she would like nona to take someone with him so she(crystalagul) can be safe. nona brought nono so she can see her grandmother(mothra, obiously) for the first time. and also mothra needed to show nona where the girl is, 'oh, she's not a human' mothra said to nona. 'then who is it?' 'you'll see, *giggle*' mothra said. [it's finally time the kaiju gets some diologe] as they walked into the room where crystalagul was set in. nona saw crystalagul and saw how she was traped inside a cage until the next time she's needed. crystalagul didn't notice them at first. until she heard the cage was being opened. no time to greet each other as they heard footsteps coming this way. "theres another way out, follow me" mothra said. crystalagul was slow and wasn't able to keep up with the limbed creatures. nona picked up crystalagul and ran out of there. (trying to stay with some stupidity in the cegi era like the rest of the eras)

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