Godzilla: The Movie (Japanese Version) Is The 12 Part Japanese Version Of The Reboot And Adaptation Of Tohos Godzilla Franchise Godzilla: The Movie.Unlike The Original Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Version.There Are Also Differences.It Was Distributed By Toho In Japan And Funimation And Netflix In The US.

Godzilla: The Movie (Japanese Version)
Produced By I.R.Navarro
Directed By I.R.Navarro
Written By I.R.Navarro
Music By I.R.Navarro
Distributed By Toho



Rating PG-13

Part 1 Gojira Plot Edit

Following A Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean.A Ship Began Sinking From Countless Attacks By An Unseen Creature.Then Later Several Ships Began Meeting The Same Fate.Some Survivors Return To Tell The Tale Of What They Saw.It Is Identified To Be A Giant Creature Named Godzilla Who Is Awakened And Mutated By Nuclear H Bomb Testing.Charlie And Itchy Are Going On A Long Adventurous Vacation.They Are Also Traveling To Japan.Then They Visit Odo Island And They Meet The Natives Of Odo Island Who Tells Them That The Sinking Ships Are The Works Of Their Ocean God Godzilla.Later When Charlie And Itchy Came To Spend The Night In The Village In Odo Island.The Unseen Creature Began Taking Refuge In The Island.Then In The Next Day.Some Of The Natives Of Odo Island Were Brought Back To Tokyo To Tell The Story.Then When Traveling Back To Odo Island.They Finally Caught The True Sighting Of The Creature.Then The Creature Leaves The Island To The Sea.Then Back In Tokyo.They Began Describing The Creature And Other Related Species.It Is Also Discovered That Godzilla Is A Prehistoric Hybrid Of Both Land And Sea Reptiles.They Must Tell The Public.Then Later Several Battleships Began Searching For The Monster.Then The Monster Briefly Emerges Out Of The Sea.Then Later That Beautiful And Seemly Peaceful Night In Tokyo.Everyone Seems At Peace.Until Godzilla Emerges Out Of The Harbor In Front Of A Partying Cruise Ship (Causing The People In It To Scream And Run In Terror).Then Godzilla Dives Back Into The Dark Of The Harbor.The City Is Unaware That Godzilla Is Inside Tokyo Harbor.They Call The Military To Go After The Monster.Then In This Fearful Night.Godzilla Begins Attacking Tokyo.He Began Rampaging Through Shinagawa.Then Returns To The Sea.Then In The Next Day.They Build A Barrier Against Godzilla That Is 300 Bolts Of Electricity.Then At Night.Godzilla Emerges Out Of The Sea Again And Continues His Tokyo Rampage.Godzilla Also Breaks Through The 300 Bolts Of Electricity.The Monster Begins To Attack And Destroy Tokyo.He Also Battles The Army.He Also Began Destroying Countless Buildings (Including The Building Containing Charlie And Itchy Badly Injuring The Two Dogs).He Also Began Turning Much Of Tokyo Into A Sea Of Fire.Then The Monster Began Heading To Tokyo Bay Leaving The City In Flames.Til Then.The Fighter Jets Come And Shoot At The Monster.As He Flees Back Into The Ocean.The Next Morning Finds Tokyo In Ruins.Countless People (Including Charlie And Itchy) Are Injured And Dying In The Hospitals.In Dr Serizawas Home.Emiko Tells Dr Serizawa To Use The Secret Weapon.The Oxygen Destroyer.Then Days Later In The Ship That Found The Location Of Godzilla.The Injured Charlie And Itchy Watch Godzilla Get Killed By The Oxygen Destroyer.Serizawa And Ogata Dive Into The Water As They Activate The Oxygen Destroyer.Ogata Gets Out Of The Water And Serizawa Gets Ready To Sacrifice Himself.As The Oxygen Destroyer Activates.It Began To Kill Godzilla.Serizawa Will Also Die With The Monster.It Finally Killed The Monster.But Many Mourn Serizawas Death.The Professor Says That If They Keep Conducting Nuclear Tests Another Godzilla Could Appear Somewhere In The World Again.

Part 2 The Rebirth Of Godzilla Plot Edit

Less Than A Year After The First Godzillas Demise.A Second One Appears And Begins Wreaking Havoc On Osaka.He Is Also Fighting With The False Godzilla.

Part 3 Showa Period Plot Edit

After Godzillas Battle With Dagahra.Godzilla Began Fighting Countless Other Monsters Such As Anguirus,Mothra,Varan,Rodan,Baragon,Gorosaurus,Ebirah,Giant Condor,Kamacuras,Kumonga,Kameba,Gezora,Ganimes,Gigan,Megalon,MechaGodzilla,Titanosaurus,Yogaro,Rogary,Gogary,ETC.He Also Gains A Lot Of Friends Such As Anguirus,Mothra,Rodan,Baragon,Varan,Gorosaurus.He Also Adopts A Son Named Minilla.Then In The End Of This Part.Murgoth Escapes.

Part 4 Destroy All Monsters Part Plot Edit

Godzilla And His Kaiju Friends Are At Peace.Til Then.Murgoth And His Sidekick Sauron (Who Is A Corrupt Lord Ian Hans) Began Enslaving The Good Guys On Board Their Ship And Takes On Board And Also Get The Bad Guys On Board For A Cruise.While Murgoth Controls All The Monsters To Go On A Worlwide Rampage.

Part 5 Destroy All Monsters Part Plot Edit

While The Monsters Are Being Controlled By Murgoth Rampaging Worldwide.Charlie And His Friends Go To Rescue The Good Guys From Slavery In Murgoths Ship.Godzilla Sinks Murgoths Ship.After Sinking Murgoths Ship.Godzilla And His Kaiju Friends Battle Murgoth In His Flying Form.After Defeating Murgoth In His Flying Form.Godzilla And His Kaiju Friends Are Once Again Now In Peace.

Part 6 Heisei Period Plot Edit

Godzilla Returns.He Battles First Bagan,Then Biollante,Sauron,Mothra,Battra,MechaGodzilla 2,Rodan,Fire Rodan,He Teams Up With MOGUERA While Fighting Murgoth In One Of His Other Forms.Then He Becomes Burning Godzilla And Battles Destroyah.Then After His Battle With Destroyah.He Melts Down And Dies.

Part 7 Monster Apocalypse Plot Edit

The World Is Being Plagued With Monsters And Godzilla Starts Fighting These Monsters.

Part 8 Monster Island PlotEdit

Godzilla And His Kaiju Friends In Monster Island.

Part 9 Godzilla Vs Zilla Plot Edit

Godzilla Fights His Ultimate Rival.

Part 10 Millennium Period Plot Edit

Godzilla Returns Once Again.He Battles Orga,Megaguirus,Miba,MechaGodzilla 3 And Other Monsters.Then In The End Of This Part.They Lock Godzilla In The Antarctica.

Part 11 The Final Battle Plot Edit

Murgoth And Sauron Are Rising To Power And The Good Guys Only Hope Is Godzilla.Monsters Also Once Again Began Going On A Rampage Worldwide.Rodan Attacks New York,Devilzilla Attacks Rio De Janeiro,God-Zilla Attacks Las Vegas,Anguirus Attacks Shanghai,Gorosaurus Attacks Paris,Baragon Attacks Sydney,Varan Attacks Jerusalem,Kamacuras Attacks Seattle,Kumonga Attacks Texas,Sanda And Gaira Attacks Osaka,Rogary Attacks South Korea,KIng Caesar Attacks Okinawa,Ebirah Attacks Tokai, And Many Other Monsters Rampage Over The World.While Godzilla Is Currently Held Prisoner In The South Pole.The Good Guys Get On Board Super X4 To Wake Up Godzilla.

Part 12 The Final Battle PlotEdit

The Good Guys On Board Super X4 Are Waking Up Godzilla To Fight All The Other Monsters Worldwide.He Battles First Gigan In The South Pole,Then Devilzilla In Rio De Janeiro,Then God-Zilla In New York,Then Kumonga In Ilocos,Then Many Other Villainous Monsters Worldwide.Then Kamacuras Then Megalon,Gezora And Ganimes In Osaka.Then Godzilla Finally Arrives In Tokyo.As Godzillas Kaiju And Non-Kaiju Friends Are Ready For The Giant Battle Between Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non-Kaiju Friends And Murgoth And His Minions In Tokyo.The Military Puts A Massive Forcefield-Like Shield Around The City.Meanwhile.Murgoth And Sauron And Their Minions Arrive In Japan.About Ready To Attack The City.As They Destroy The Shield.The Giant Battle Between Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non-Kaiju Friends And Murgoth And His Minions In Tokyo Begins.Godzilla And His Kaiju And Non-Kaiju Friends Battles Murgoth And His Minions.Then Later In The Third And Final Wave Of The Battle.Murgoth Transforms Into His Ghidorah-LIke Creature Form.Godzilla Battles Murgoth In His Ghidorah-Like Creature Form.But Murgoth Almost Kills Godzilla (Which Causes Him To Enter The Afterlife To Visit His Deceased Family).But Til Then.Godzilla Returns To The World Of The Living And Gains The Upper Hand And Fights Back.Godzilla Transforms Into Super Godzilla To Fight The Evil Kaiju.Super Godzilla And Murgoth In His Final Form Fire At Each Other As Beam Battle.As Charlie Barkin Prays The Our Father.Godzilla Defeats Murgoth With His Supernatural Spiral Heat Ray.When Murgoth Is Defeated.Super Godzilla Reverts Back To Regular Godzilla And Falls Asleep Until The Next Morning.In The Next Morning.Much Of Tokyo Is In Ruins.Many Are Injured But Some Are Okay.Lord Ian Hans II (Who Was Defeated From His Sauron The Flying Monster Form Back To His Human Form) Gets Arrested By The Police.Then Godzilla Finally Wakes Up And His Son Comes And Godzilla And His Son Peacefully Swims Home.Godzilla Is Now King Of The Monsters.

Characters Edit

Non-Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Charlie B Barkin - A German Shepherd And The Main Non-Kaiju Protagonist.
  • Itchy Itchiford - A Duchaund And The Main Non-Kaiju Deuteragonist.
  • Pastor Annabelle - A Female Christian Pastor And Charlie And Itchys Owner.
  • Lord Ian Hans II - A Corrupt Lord Ian Hans.
  • LuciferPoopy - A Nasty Cat.
  • Evil Kaiju Worshipping Army - Murgoths Army Of Countless Evil Creatures.
  • Other Characters - The Other Characters Throughout The Film.Most Of These Characters Are Major Characters In The Film.

Kaiju Characters Edit

  • Godzilla - A Giant Amphibious Reptile Awakened And Mutated By Nuclear H Bomb Testing In The Pacific Ocean.He Is The First King Of The Monsters.He Is The Main Antagonist Of Part 1.
  • Godzilla II - The Second Godzilla That Appears After The Death Of The First One.He Starts Off From Destructive Monster To Heroic Character.He Is Also Known As The King Of The Monsters.He Is The Main Kaiju Protagonist Of The Film.
  • Mothra - A Divine Moth.
  • Battra - Mothras Evil Counterpart.
  • Anguirus - A Mutated Ankylosaurus.
  • Baragon - A Horned Subterranean Reptile.
  • Rodan - A Mutated Pterosaur.
  • Gorosaurus - A Giant Theopod.
  • King Kong - A Giant Ape Known As The 8th Wonder Of The World.
  • Godzilla (Tristar Remake)/Zilla - A Godzilla-Like Mutated Iguana And Godzillas Rival And American Counterpart.
  • Yogaro - ???
  • Rogary - ???
  • Gogary - ???
  • Giant Condor - A Giant Bird Of Prey.
  • Varan - A Giant Gliding Reptile.
  • Manda - An Asian Dragon.
  • Gezora - A Mutant Cuttlefish.
  • Kameba - A Mutant Turtle.
  • Ganimes - A Mutant Crab.
  • Oodako - A Gigantic Octopus.
  • Frankenstein - A Mutant Human.
  • Sanda - Frankensteins Good Son.
  • Gaira - Frankensteins Evil Son.
  • King Caesar - An Ancient Shisa.
  • Fake Godzilla/MechaGodzilla - Godzillas First Mechanical Counterpart Who First Disguises Himself As The Real Godzilla.
  • MechaGodzilla 2/Supermechagodzilla - Godzillas Second Mechanical Counterpart.
  • MechaGodzilla 3/Kiryu - Godzillas Third Mechanical Counterpart.
  • MOGUERA - A Giant Robot.
  • Jet Jaguar - A Humanoid Robot.
  • Orga - A Godzilla/Millenian Hybrid.
  • Miba - A Lava Monster.
  • Megaguirus - Queen Of The Meganula.
  • Murgoth - An Evil Satanic Kaiju Who Seeks To Kill Godzilla And Take Over Everything.He Serves As The Main Antagonist Of The Film.
  • Lord Ian Hans II/Sauron - The Corrupt Lord Ian Hans Who Is Now An Evil Sorcerer Who Transforms Himself Into A Winged Flying Reptilian Creature.He Serves As The Secondary Antagonist Of The Film.
  • Gigan - An Alien Cyborg.
  • Megalon - A Beetle God.
  • Hedorah - The Smog Monster.
  • Ebirah - A Giant Lobster.
  • Kumonga - A Giant Spider.
  • Kamacuras - A Giant Praying Mantis.
  • Titanosaurus - An Aquatic Dinosaur.
  • Bagan - An Alien Dragon.
  • Biollante - A Plant-Based Monster.

Differences From The Disney/Non-Disney/Daikaiju-Verse Version Edit

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