Godzilla- Sex And Violence

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Godzilla: Sex And Violence aired on ABC on March 19, 1977, and was shot on December 10-16, 1976. It was one of the two pilots produced for The Showa Era. The other pilot, The Kaiju Valentine Show, aired in 1976.

In this half-hour variety special, the japanese parody the proliferation of sex and violence on television.

Ichiro Miki, Junko (Yoka) Nakanishi, and Miki Fujiyama prepare for a Pageant based on the Seven Deadly Kaiju Sins, with the whole cast representing the Sins -- Gyaos, Barugon, Jiger, Viras, Guiron, Gamera and Zigra

The original working title for the special was The Kaiju Nonsense Show.

Sketches (in order of appearance) Edit

  • The Conference Room: Ichiro, Yoka, and Miki play different games before being interrupted by different deadly kaiju sins.
  • Infant Island: The natives trade jokes.
  • At the G-Fest
  • The Wrestling Match: King Kong And G-Fantis displays his winning tactics.
  • Sanko Pepper demonstrates how to make a submarine sandwich
  • Conrad Birdie sing "Honestly Sincere."
  • Glenn and Miss Namikawa sit in their spaceship den and talk.
  • Kaiju in Monster Island: King Ghidorah, Mothra, Ebirah and Titanosaurus try to attract Rodan and Anguirus in a classical skit.
  • Theater of Things: The pencils get a new ruler.
  • Aggression: Featuring two kids, japanese kaiju creatures, interacting with two monsters, tarantula like monsters talking in japanese.
  • Films in Focus: A review pans the film Return to Beneath the Planet of the Kids.
  • The 7 Deadly Kaiju Sins Pageant, which ends up being cut short by the credits
  • As the credits roll, the camera pulls back to reveal the kaijuteers running and fighting around.
  • Zigra shows up and asks if he is late.

Video Releases Edit

Godzilla: Sex and Violence was released on DVD in 2005, as an extra feature on the Godzilla: Season One box set. On the box and on the DVD menus, it is referred to as The Godzilla Pilot.

Promotion Edit

A postcard was produced and sent to press and friends to announce the air date of the special. The text of the postcard reads "Jim Henson and The Infamous Motley Crüe invite you to join Pocahontas, King Kong and G-Fantis, The Seven Kaiju Deadly Sins and a host of others for an evening of nonsense on Godzilla, Wed. March 19, ABC TV." In a word balloon, Michael Jackson says "Oh Yeah!"

Credits Edit

  • Producer: Jim Henson
  • Co-producer: Jon Stone
  • Director: Dave Wilson
  • Writers: Jim Henson, Jon Stone, Marshall Brickman, Norman Stiles
  • Music and Lyrics by: Joe Raposo
  • Performers: Tomonori Yazaki, Judy Kuhn, Georgi James, Motley Crüe, Kumi Mizuno, Hiroyuki Kawase, Sofie Dossi, Kadie Lynn, Viktor Kee, Mie Hama, Nathan Bockstahler, Frank Oz, Nick Cannon, Keiko Mari, Christopher Walken, Julia Scotti, Melissa Villaseñor, Nick Adams, Taylor Ware, Mel B, Bobby Burgess, Howie Mandel, Hiroki Hara, Jon Dorenbos, Adam Grabowski, Brooklyn Nicole Rockett, Heavenly Joy Jerkins, Simon Cowell, Paul Zerdin, Nina Burri, Bianca Ryan, Calysta Bevier, Tyra Banks, Alice Cooper, Fran Brill, Heidi Klum, Annette Funicello, John Lovelady, Laura Bretan, Rollin Krewson, Caroly Wilcox, Jane Henson
  • Sound Effects: Barbara Wood and Dick Maitland

Cast Edit

  • Characters
Ichiro Miki, Junko (Yoka) Nakanishi, Miki Fujiyama, Jet JaguarGorosaurusMechagodzilla, Natives, Thudge, King Kong, G-Fantis, Sanko Pepper, Gamera, Michael Jackson, Motley Crüe, Alice Cooper, Glenn, Miss Namikawa, Ken Yano, King GhidorahMothraRodanAnguirusEbirahTitanosaurusBarugon, Pencils, Ruler, Kumonga, Manda, Taiki Goto, MegalonVirasJiger, Larva, Gene Shalit, Kids, Hedorah, Rokuro Ibuki, Dr. Toru Yano, BattraBaragonGuiron, Naoko Shindo, Fumiko Sakurai, Fuji, Zigra
  • Background Characters:
Nakoma, Toshi Yano, KamacurasGiant CondorVaran, Kaiju, Harmon Fuji, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Shobijin, Duffy, Kate, Saeko (Riko) Matsumiya, Gorosaurus, Machiko Shima, Tomoko Tomoe, Gengo Kotaka, July, Tessie, Tamie, Gigan, Goro Ibuki
  • Photographed Kaiju:

Performers Edit

Tomonori Yazaki as Ichiro Miki
Judy Kuhn as Pocahontas
Georgi James as Sanko Pepper
Motley Crüe
Kumi Mizuno as Miss Namikawa
Hiroyuki Kawase as Ken Yano
Your gay Sofie Dossi as Godzilla
Kadie Lynn as Manda
Viktor Kee as Hedorah
Mie Hama as Fumiko Sakurai
Nathan Bockstahler as Mechagodzilla
Yuriko Hoshi as Junko (Yoka) Nakanishi
Nina Burri as Tiger Lily
Grace Vanderwaal as Mothra
Frank Oz as Ruler
Bianca Ryan as Kumonga
Sal Valentinetti as Megalon
Paul Zerdin as Battra
Akira Takarada as Fuji
Nick Cannon as the Announcer
Keiko Mari as Miki Fujiyama
Christopher Walken as Squanto
Arielle Baril as Little Godzilla
Melissa Villaseñor as Gigan
Nick Adams as Glenn
Taylor Ware as King Ghidorah
Mel B as Gyaos
Jerry Nelson as Pencil
Bobby Burgess as Taiki Goto
Howie Mandel as Jiger
Hiroki Hara as Gene Shalit
Jon Dorenbos as Dr. Toru Yano
Adam Grabowski as Jet Jaguar
Brooklyn Nicole Rockett as Ebirah
Heavenly Joy Jerkins as Baragon
Simon Cowell as Guiron
Heidi Klum as Gamera
Alice Cooper
Alondra Santos as Titanosaurus
Calysta Bevier as Gorosaurus
John Lovelady as Big Chief Flying Eagle
Tyra Banks as Barugon
Piers Morgan as Viras
Fran Brill as Receptionist Voice
Michael Jackson
Kadan Bart Rockett as Rodan
Annette Funicello as Wakaba Goto
Amira Willighagen as Larva
Skylar Katz as Rokuro Ibuki
Stevie Nicks as Toshi Yano
Laura Bretan as Gabara
Julia Scotti as Anguirus
Rollin Krewson as others
Caroly Wilcox as others
Jane Henson as others

Sources Edit

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  • Jim Henson's Red Book entry
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