It was 2d Fighting Game on GBA. New version of Godzilla: Domination, new features of Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee, and new playable of Godzilla: Save the Earth. The Iron Godzilla looking for the legendary meteorite called Meteor S. The Iron Godzilla's reporter Connie Matsu in I'm in the Godzilla Band. The Iron Godzilla built the machine called Creat-Monster S to Meteor S. The monsters are rage the crystals and nuclear core. This only one monster remained. Brian X accidentually drop power of the crystal, piece of Meteor S and Falzar and Gregar DNA to formed the Ultimate Cybeast called The Power Surge Grezar. Afterward, the player monster's ending to defeat the Power Surge Grezar. The player monster finally become the Power Surge Earth Defender Leader, Power Surge Alien Leader or Power Surge Mutant Leader. If you defeat Power Surge Grezar within the all the Power Surge cores, the second ending is about new Power Surge Legend. After you defeat the Power Surge Grezar, the player monster with Power Surge cores, the Meteor S rising and use the energy to absorb the player monster and become the legend. The third ending is about Power Surge Unleashed. If you defeat the three on free-for all, the Meteor S use the one Power Surge power to defeat the corrupted monsters. In the ending, the player monster using Power Surge power is causing itself life energy powers to make unleash. this is the final battle between two monsters. After the Power Surge monster's life energy is run out, the player monster's is powerfully monster and blasting the mothership then fall into the ocean. Brian X teleport himself and revealed the monster into the sea. The player monster resting into the bottom in the ocean and truly to become the Power Surge Leader.


These three factions using by Kiryu to fight the other monsters.

Earth DefenderEdit



Wild MonstersEdit


  • Garterbelt
  • Hornitar (Playable after defeat the Power Surge Grezar)
  • Scorpitron
  • Anemone
  • Falzar (Playable after defeat the Power Surge Grezar)
  • Gregar (Playable after defeat the Power Surge Grezar)
  • Grezar
  • Scanty
  • Kneesock
  • Power Surge Grezar


  • Tokyo
  • Osaka
  • New York
  • Monster Island
  • Meteor S (Playable after defeat the Power Surge Grezar)
  • China
  • Mothership
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