Godzilla:God of the monsters! is a Disney Godzilla show I plan to release as well as Gojirin's return after many years. 

Episode 1:Godzilla and Gojirin Team Up!Edit

Godzilla is seen walking through the city when suddenly he spots his friend Gojirin smashing into a game building. The two roar at each other and get a cameo flashback when they 1st talked about a situation and that is a remake of a Gojirin scene from the Godzilland series. The two then team up and attack. While their rampage continues , they're other friend Anguirus watches them from a forest. When he entered , the monsters Zilla , King Ghidorah , Red , Mechagodzilla  and  Bagan show up and say in a roar , JOIN US Anguirus you will have more fun with us. Anguirus Growls back , All 5 of you are the most antagonistic monsters on this earth! They aren't saying them so there will be subtitles. The 5 villians growl , THAT"S NOT TRUE. after this they fire special attacks around the shelled monster. Then they take him into the air. Red had to go into his flying stage to help. Bagan and Zilla couldn't fly so they hopped on the bad monsters that could fly. Godzilla and Gojirin see this and they roar to tell the monsters to put down Anguirus. They don't agree so the 2 radioactive monsters fired their atomic breath which knocked down both Anguirus and the bad monsters. Red builds a prison out of ruins and paralyzes the ruin cage to the ground and making it invincible. The 2 monsters get mad and more monsters came. 1st was Mothra then Godzilla Jr.. And then King Kong and Rodan come by and finally Solomon. Red said "NO NOT SOLOMON!". And lastly Gezora came. The monsters all teamed up and fought. Gezora tried to smack Red into a building but before Gezora pounced onto the demonic creature , Red used his soulburn attack on Gezora which knocked the cuttlefish creature into a mountain. Luckily the mountain was muddy and the flames on Gezora from Red's Soulburn attack was put out by the wet water in the muck. 

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