• (To)
  • (To Nekoyasha)I Don't Know If You Can Hear Me
  • (To Nekoyasha)Or if You're Even There
  • (To Nekoyasha)I Don't Know If You Would Listen
  • (To Nekoyasha)To A Gypsy's Prayer
  • (To Nekoyasha)Yes I Know I'm Just An Outcasts
  • (To Nekoyasha)I Shouldn't Speak To You
  • (To Nekoyasha)Still Face I See Your Face And Wonder
  • (To Nekoyasha)Were You Once An Outcasts Too?
  • (To Nekoyasha)God Help The Outcasts Hungry From Birth
  • (To Nekoyasha)Show Them The Mercy They Don't Find On Earth
  • (To Nekoyasha)God Help My People
  • (To Nekoyasha)We Look To You Still
  • (To Nekoyasha)God Help The Outcasts Or Nobody Will
  • (To Live Action Monsters Animals Disney Cartoon Network Nicktoon)I Ask For Wealth I Ask For Fame I Ask For Glory Shine on My Name I Ask For Love I Can Possess I Ask For God And His Angels To Bless Me!
  • (To Nekoyasha)I Ask For Nothing I Can Get By
  • (To Nekoyasha)But I Know So Many Less Lucky Than I
  • (To Nekoyasha)Plaese Help My People The Poor And Downtrod
  • (To Nekoyasha)I Thought We All Were The Children of God
  • (To Nekoyasha)God Help The Outcasts Children of God!


  • Hunchback of Notre Dame

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