Summary As Chaos Theory Rises From Prediction To Reality, Ian Malcolm And Anti-Dinosaur Organization Extinction Now And It's Owner Threaten To Wipe Out The Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals From The Face Of The Earth, Forever. Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Sarah Harding, Maisie Lockwood, And The Dinosaur Protection Group Must Go On A Perilous Mission Across The Planet To Save The Animals. With The Other Survivors Following Along. But When The Dinosaurs All Vie For Supremacy Against Mankind, They Start To Smash Through Cities And Towns Across The Planet, Leaving Humanity's Very Existence In The Balance. The Fate Of Both Dominant Species Rests On Our Protagonists Hands.

Creatures That Appear In Jurassic Aftermath • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rexy, Her Mate, And Other Rexes)

• Velociraptor (Blue And Other Raptors)

• Parasaurolophus (Lost World Variant)

• Triceratops (Fallen Kingdom And Jurassic Park III Variant)

• Stegosaurus ( Fallen Kingdom And Lost World Variant)

• Ankylosaurus (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Apatosaurus (Jurassic World Variant)

• Barchiosaurus (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Stygimoloch (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Pteranodon (Jurassic World Variant)

• Dimorphodon (Jurassic World Variant)

• Pachycephalosaurus (Lost World Variant)

• Carnotaurus (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Dilophosaurus (Jurassic Park Variant)

• Allosaurus (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Baryonyx (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Sinoceratops (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Gallimimus (Jurassic Park Variant)

• Corythosaurus (Jurassic Park III Variant)

• Metriacanthosaurus (Fallen Kingdom Toy Variant)

• Styracosaurus (Jurassic World Evolution Variant But With Fallen Kingdom Toy Colors)

• Woolly Mammoth (Walking With... Variant)

• Smilodon (10,000 Bc Variant)

• Spinosaurus ( Model Based On Real Spinosaurus With A Colorful Green Paint Job With Orange And Brown Spots The Roar Will Be Kong 2017/20 Mixed With Crocodile Hissing)

• Megalodon (The Meg Variant)

• Oviraptor (Model Based On Real Oviraptor With The Look Of A Small Bird)

• Concavenator (Model Based On Lockwood Manor Variant)

• Microceratus ( Model Based On Jurassic World Website)

• Edmontosaurus (Model Based On Jurassic World Website)

• Dakotaraptor (Feathered Dinosaurs Sub Plot)

• Yutyrannus (Feathered Dinosaurs Sub Plot)

• Megalosaurus (Model Based On Real Megalosaurus With A Blue Color And Red And Green Spots)

• Giganotoraptor (Feathered Dinosaurs Sub Plot)

• Protoceratops (Fallen Kingdom Toy Variant)

• Leptoceratops (Model Based On Real Leptoceratops Being A Cute But Chubby Dinosaur And Has A Yellow Color And Has Green Stripes)

• Dreadnoughtus (Jurassic World Evolution Variant)

• Diplodocus (Jurassic World Evolution Variant)

• Deinosuchus (Lost World Game Variant)

• Proceratosaurus (Jurassic World Evolution Variant)

• Placerias (Walking With... Variant)

• Mosasaurus (Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Elasmosaurus (Model Based On Real Elasmosaurus With The Colors Of A Killer Whale)

• Coelophysis (Walking With... Variant)

• Iguanodon (Disney's Dinosaur Variant But Has No Lips And Has The Shape And Sounds Of The Jurassic World Evolution Iguanodon)

• Majungasaurus (Jurassic Fight Club Variant But Has Bear Sounds Mixed With The V-Rex From Peter Jackson's King Kong)

• Glytodon (Model Based On Real Glytodon With The Colors Of The Ankylosaurus From Walking With Dinosaurs)

• Plateosaurus (Model Based On Walking With Dinosaurs Variant But With The Colors Of The Barchiosaurus From Jurassic Park III)

• Dunkleosteus (Model Based On Real Dunkleosteus With Purple Skin And Blue Eyes)

• Compy (Lost World And Fallen Kingdom Variant)

• Columbian Mammoth (Model Based On La Brea tar pits Museum Statues)

• Therizniosaurus (Walking With... Variant But With Feathers)

• Utahraptor (Model Based On Real Utahraptor With The Feathers And Colors Of A Bald Eagle)

• Tarbosaurus (Model Based On Dino King 2 Variant But With The Colors Of The Bite And Fight Rex And Has Yellow Quills On The Tail)

• Brontosaurus (Model Based On Real Brontosaurus With Grey Elephant Like Skin And Has The Brontosaurus Roars From Peter Jackson's King Kong)

• Herrerasaurus (Model Based On Fallen Kingdom Toy Variant With Cheetah Like Spots And Has The Roars Of The Raptors From Peter Jackson's King Kong But With A Higher Pitch)

• Suchomimus (Model Based On Real Suchomimus With Crocodile Like Skin And Has The Roars Of Lizze From Rampage, But A Higher Pitch)

• Arctodus (Model Based On Real Short Faced Bear With Crocodile Like Skin And Has The Roars Of Lizze From Rampage, But A Higher Pitch) Grey Greyish Green the first paragraph of your page here.

Dire Wolf (Model Based On Real Canis dirus, "fearsome dog" With Gray Wolf Like Skin And Has The Sounds Of The Wolves From Disney's Beauty and the Beast 1991, And Stormella´s Wolves From Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie, But A Higher Pitch)

Gigantopithecus (Model Based On Real Gigantic Orangutan, With Bigfoot Like Skin And Has The Sounds Of Bigfoot From A Goofy Movie, But A Higher Pitch)

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