Giant Condor

The Giant Condor Is A Giant Bird Kaiju From Godzilla Vs The Sea Monster/Ebirah Horror Of The Deep.

Giant Condor
Species Giant Condor/Eagle
Alias Large Condor,Large Eagle,Giant Eagle.


Friends None
Enemies Godzilla
First Appearance Godzilla VS The Sea Monster
Last Performing Appearance Ebirah, Horror Of The Deep

Role In The Films Edit

In "Godzilla VS The Sea Monster" The Giant Condor Appeared From The Skies Above Letchi Island And Grippled With And Battled Godzilla. During His Battle With Godzilla He Got Roasted By Godzilla And It's Burnt Corpse Plummet Into the Ocean Below.

In "Godzilla's Revenge" He Battled Godzilla And He Lost The Same Way As He Did In Godzilla VS The Sea Monster.

Cirque Du Soleil Edit

A mysterious "muscle eagle condor man" who confronts everyone on stage while contorting his body in unusual poses. He performs in the trampoline, power track act.

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