Garahop Is A Hybrid Of Donkey, Spinosaurus, Warthog Types Of Creatures.He Is A Film Of Dinosaur.He Was Designed To Be Powerful Than Garahop.

Alias Daemon Lord Garahop (Second Garahop),
Hybrid Of Donkey



Appearances Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (First Appearance).
Friends Garfield, Winston (formerly)
Enemies Garfield, Winston, and more (all formerly)
Creator Lord Dargis

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Garahop Is A Giant Dinosaur-Like Creature With Dorsal Plates Shaped Like Maple Leaves Running Down His Back Somewhat Like The Spinosaurus,Red Scaly Skin,Long Arms And Sharp Powerful Claws,Thick Legs Like The Spinosaurus And A Slightly Long Tail.

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  • The Second Garahop Name Is Daemon Lord Garahop.
  • Garahop Is The Male Equilavent Of The Umliate Rex:They Both Are Hybrids Of Great Animals And Others Classified (Indominus Rex Is A Hybrid Of Tyrannosaurus And Others Classified.Devilzilla Is A Hybrid Of Godzilla And Others Classified).They Both Kill Mainy For Various Reasons (Indominus Rex Kills Mainly For Sports.Devilzilla Kills Mainly For Pleasure And Rampages For Sports).They Both Have A Very High Level Of Intelligence.They Both Killed Their Siblings For Food When They Were Young (The Indominus Rex Kills Her Sister For Food.Devilzilla Kills His Brother For Food).
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