Pity Final SmashEdit


  • Focused
  • Trapping
  • Stage-Wide
  • Directional
  • Double Team
  • Transformation

List of Final SmashesEdit

InSuper Smash Bros BrawlEdit

Character Final Smash Type
Aeon Calcos Flying Dragon Blaster Transformation
Alice Liddell Hysteria Transformation
Aerrow Air Skimmer Ultra Trapping
Blaziken Blaze Kick Trapping
Big Daddy The Great Flood Trapping
Bowser Giga Bowser Transformation
Blastoise Water Blast Directional
Blizzard Ice Smash Directional
Bravehoof Minotaur Axe Slash Directional
Captain Falcon Blue Falcon Trapping
Cole Electric Tornado Directional
Chell Portal Speed Bomb Focused
Colonel Radec StA-X6 Jetpack Transformation
Chris Redfield Flamethrower Directional
Charizard Heat Wave Trapping
Cthulhu Ink Blaster Stage-Wide
Diddy Kong Rocketbarrel Barrage Transformation
Donkey Kong Konga Beat Focused
Dr. Mario Doctor Finale Directional
Dante Devil Trigger Unleashed Transformation
Emmett Graves The Hawk Tranformation
Falco Landmaster Transformation
Fox Landmaster Transformation
Feraligatr Ice Punch Directional
Fat Princess Protect The Princess Trapping
Godzilla Ultimate Power Punch Directional
Gamera Plasma Flame Punch Directional
Ganondorf Beast Ganon Directional
Gomora EX Gomora Tranformation
Heihachi Rockets Away Trapping
Hellboy Super Missile Canon Directional
Hunter Texas Clover Hold Trapping
Ike Great Aether Trapping
Ice Climbers Iceberg Stage-Wide
Imoogi Dragon Mixer Stage-Wide
Jigglypuff Puff Up Focused
Jak & Daxter Light Jak Transformation
Jill Valentine Last Escape Stage Wide
King King Punching Jungle Smash Trapping
King Dedede Waddle Dee Army Stage-Wide
Kat Lighting Chariot Stage-Wide
King Kong Electric Rush Directional
Karnov Divine Fire Storm Directional
Kirby Cook Kirby Trapping
Kratos Rage of The Gods Transformation
Kakeru Super Laser Cannon Trapping
King Kazma Spirit Bomb Directional
Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Lucario Aura Storm Directional
Lucas PK Starstorm Stage-Wide
Luigi Negative Zone Focused
Mario Mario Finale Directional
Marth Critical Hit Directional
Mewtwo Psychic Strike Trapping
Meta Knight Galaxia Darkness Trapping
Meganium Solar Beam Directional
Mr. Game & Watch Octopus (Final Smash) Tranformation
Moby Dick Water Wave Attack Trapping
Ness PK Starstorm Stage-Wide
Nariko The Goddess Transformation
Nathan El Dorado Sarcophagus Trapping
Olimar End of Day Stage-Wide
Pichu Volt Tackle Transformation
Peach Peach Blossom Focused
Pikachu Volt Tackle Transformation
Pit Palutena's Army Stage-Wide
R.O.B. Diffusion Beam Transformation
Ratchet & Clank Flight of The Aphelion Stage-Wide
Raiden The Box Revengeance Trapping
Samus Zero Laser Directional
Sheik Light Arrow Directional
Snake Grenade Launcher Stage-Wide
Sonic Super Sonic Transformation
Sackboy Prize Bubble Bonus Trapping
Swampert Waterfall & Earthquake
Sweet Tooth The Rise of Mecha Tooth Transformation
Sir Daniel Fortesque Anubis Stone Trapping
Togera Jungle Rush Stage-Wide
Typhlosion Flame Charge Directional
Toon Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Toro Inoue Lighting Kanabo Stage-Wide
Ultrox Cybernetic Directional
Venuasaur Sleep Powder Trapping
Wario Wario-Man Transformation
Wolf Landmaster Transformation
Young Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Yoshi Super Dragon Transformation
Zelda Light Arrow Directional
Zilla Powered Slam Trapping
Zeus Wrath of Zeus Transformation
Zero Suit Samus Power Suit Samus Focused

InSuper Smash Bros 4 (Wii Version)Edit

Character Final Smash Type
Aeon Calcos Dragon Blaster Slash Tranformation
Ayumi Tachibana Poltergust 500 Trapping
Alice Liddell Hysteria Transformation
Aerrow Air Skimmer Ultra Trapping
Bayonetta Infernal Climax Stage-Wide
Big Baddy The Great Flood Trapping
Blaziken Mega Evolution Transformation
Bowser Giga Bowser Transformation
Blastoise Mega Evolution Transformation
Charizard Mega Evolution Tranformation
Dillon Bow of Armedo Trapping
Godzilla Ancient Bow Arrow Directional
Hunter Spinning Toe Hold Focused
Isaac Grand Gaia Stage-Wide
Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Mewtwo Psydisaster Directional
Pit Palutena's Army Stage-Wide
Rathalos Wings of Fire Focused
Zelda Triforce of Wisdom Trapping

InSuper Smash Bros Ultimate (Wii Version)Edit

Character Final Smash Type
Ayumi Tachibana Poltergust 500 Trapping
Bowser Giga Bowser Transformation
Dillon Bow of Armedo Trapping
Gomora EX Gomora Transformation
Gamera Aquos Gamera Transformation
Godzilla Super Godzilla Transformation
Link Triforce Slash Trapping
Thrall Ancient Bow Arrow Direticonal
Mewtwo Psydisaster Directional
Zelda Triforce of Wisdom Trapping

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