Welcome, to Fanzilla, the Godzilla Fanon sub-wikia! While we focus on canon information, you can add fanon to the site. Just remember to add "Fanzilla:" to the front of the title of the article (for noobs, leave off the quote marks). All users are invited to proudly show the rest of the community of their own work - after all, you spent all the time and paid the dedication...so payment comes through here.

However, like all organizations, there are a few guidelines.

Regulations[edit | edit source]

1. Have fun. The first rule is to have fun. The sysops, might, on a mercurial whim, ban people that don't have fun.

2. Remain courteous and civil. This is in accordance with standard society etiquette rules. Need clarification?

2.1 - No extensive cussing. Slight usage may be permitted, as they are in the Godzilla movies to some extent, but users may request to not have profanity used around them. These requests will be honored by administrators and will be enforced.
2.2 - No arguments. Do not let things get out of hand, fellow Kaiju fan. Any problems should be reported ASAP to the sysops, which at this moment only Kaiju-Zilla (talk). We can take more immediate and concise action.
2.3 - No sexuality or lascviciousness allowed. (Ex. sexual language, explicit content, etc)

3. No editing other people's work without their explicit permission. But this does not give you the right to put "do not edit my Fanon" on the page.

4. If your fanon includes Godzilla or closely related kaiju such as Anguirus, Mothra or Rodan, then there most be some sort of definite tie to canon. For instance, in every Godzilla series to date, minus Godzilla 2000, they have made reference to the original movie. It is requested you do the same.

5. No plaigarism. If your fanon is a direct copy of something else or merely a mixture of previously created works, your work will either be deleted or moved to your user page.

6. The decision of the administrators is final. Although the Fanzilla sub-wikia is a fun place to be to send your fanon to each other, be aware that violations will result in a block from editing.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Those are all the hard-laid restrictions. What follows are guidelines that should be followed.

G1. Please use proper spelling and grammar. However, both British and American spellings of words, like "armour" and "armor", are definitely permitted.

G2. Please closely follow established canon. Minor changes, however, are definitely allowed. This rule goes back to the 4th regulation to an extent.

  • An example of this rule is the Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus timeline: The original movie takes place, but Godzilla isn't killed; also in the Kiryu timeline, the original movie takes place, Godzilla dies, but his skeleton survives.

G3. You cannot make a battle where two of the same kaiju fight each other. You cannot have Baragon Vs. Baragon.

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