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Ebirah Is A Giant Lobster-Like Kaiju And The Main Kaiju Antagonist Of Godzilla VS The Sea Monster.

Ebirah Neo.jpg
Species Giant Lobster
Alias Horror Of The Deep,Evirah
Friends Hedorah(GFW) Godzilla Togera
Enemies King Ghidorah Gigan Megalon
First Appearance Godzilla VS The Sea Monster
Performing Appearance Ebirah, Horror Of The Deep
Last Appearance Godzilla: Final Wars

Role In The Films[]

In "Godzilla VS The Sea Monster" A terrorist known as the Red Bamboo Uses The Natives Of Infant Island As Slaves In Letchi Island In The South Pacific While Producing Nuclear Weapons. He Was Guarding The Waters On The Island And Destroyed And Any Ship That Came too Close To The Island.A Small Group Of People Were Be Found Godzilla Sleeping And Wake Up Godzilla to Get Him To Fight Ebirah. During His Battle with Godzilla He Is Defeated When Godzilla Bit His Claws Off.

In "Godzilla's Revenge" In Ichiro's Dream He Battled Godzilla And Is Defeated Again The Same Way As He Got Defeated In Godzilla VS The Sea Monster

In "Godzilla: Final Wars" He Returned As One Of the Many Monsters Controlled By The Xiliens Destroying A Factory near Tokyo But Was Stopped By The Mutants And Disappeared.But However it Was Soon Found Out That the Monsters Were Controlled By The Xilians. Later When Gotengo Has Freed Godzilla From The Antarctica. He Later Battle Godzilla With Hedorah. But Godzilla Destroys The Two Monsters (Godzilla And Hedorah).

Cirque Du Soleil[]

Ebirah appears as a red acrobat. He's the adversary of the Giant Condor until he joins him in mutual admiration at the end of the show.

Ebirah The Acrobatic Sea Monster.jpg