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== Films ==
== ==[[Category:Films]]
=== Godzilla Films ===
*[[Godzilla (I.R.Navarros Religious Reboot Film)]]
*[[Godzilla: The Planet Of Monsters]]
*[[Godzilla: Battle Royale]]
*[[Godzilla (Short Film Series)]]
*[[Godzilla,King Kong Zilla And Mothra: World Salvation]]
*[[Godzilla:The God Awakens|Godzilla: The God Awakens]]
=== King Kong Films ===
*[[Kong:The 8th Wonder Of The World|Kong: The 8th Wonder Of The World]]
*[[King Kong And Godzilla 1998]]
=== Zilla Films ===
*[[Zilla The Beast From 1998|Zilla: The Beast From 1998]]
*[[King Kong And Godzilla 1998]]
=== Other Films ===
*Homecoming Trilogy
*Make Princess Elsa Cry And Run
*The Last Voyage
*The Passenger Ship That Sinks In The Atlantic Ocean
*Escape From Heck
*Homecoming Trilogy
*The Peace Of Proud And Selfish Earth Begins Part 1
*The Peace Of Proud And Selfish Earth Begins Part 2
*Kesha And Fergie Comedy Show
*Why To Respect Others Works (Mockumentary)
*YTPMV: Godzilla Ft Lord Ian Hans - Go Pony Go Pony Go
*Godzilla X Lord Ian Hans - My Girl
== Featured Characters ==
=== Obedience ===
*Lord Ian Hans
*Sasha Hewitt
*Jack Scaler Jenkins
*Angie Hewitt
*Pastor John
*King Kong
*Godzilla Jr/Minilla
*Harry Potter
*Hermione Granger
*Ron Weasley
*Rubeus Hagrid
*Albus Dumbledore
*Minerva Mcgonagall
*Frodo Baggins
*Samwise Gamgee
*Pippin Took
*Merry Brandybuck
*Legolas Greenleaf
*Bilbo Baggins
*Thorin Oakenshield
*Mickey Mouse
*Donald Duck
*Minnie Mouse
*Daisy Duck
*Peter Pan
*Wendy Darling
*John Darling
*Michael Darling
*Louis The Alligator
*Ray The Firefly
*Mama Odie
*Jack Skellington
*Mayor Of Halloween Town
*Woody And Buzz Friends
*Bugs Bunny
*Daffy Duck
*Porky Pig
*Pepe Le Pew
*Penelope Pussycat
*Lola Bunny
*Tina Melissa Duck
*Petunia Pig
*Speedy Gonzales
*Tweety Bird
*Sylvester Cat
*Wile E Coyote
*Foghorn Leghorn
*Buster Bunny
*Babs Bunny
*Fifi La Fume
*Shirley The Loon
*Plucky Duck
*Little Beeper
*Calamity Coyote
*Dizzy Devil
*Wakko Yakko And Dot
*Rita And Runt
*Minerva Mink
*Hello Nurse
*Slappy The Squirrel
*Danny Cat
*Sawyer Cat
*Danny And Sawyers Friends
*Sonic The Hedgehog
*Miles Tails Prower
*Knuckles The Echidna
*Amy Rose
*Cream The Rabbit
*Big The Cat
*Silver The Hedgehog
*Blaze The Cat
*Maria The Raccoon
*Espio The Chameleon
*Vector The Crocodile
*Charmy Bee
*Twilight Sparkle
*Spike The Dragon
*Rainbow Dash
*Pinkie Pie
*Princess Celestia
*Princess Cadance
*Charlie Barkin
*Itchy Itchiford
*Anne Marie
*King Gator
*Sasha LaFleur
*Fievel Mousekewtiz
*Tanya Mousekewtiz
*Mama Mousekewtiz
*Papa Mousekewtiz
*Nellie Brie
*Tiger The Cat
*Wylie Burp
*Mrs Brisby
*Jeremy The Crow
*Blu The Macaw
*Jewel The Macaw
*Nico And Pedro
*Rafael The Toucan
*Eva The Toucan
*Carla The Macaw
*Bia The Macaw
*Tiago The Macaw
*Roberto The Macaw
*Eduardo The Macaw
*Luis The Bulldog
*Linda Gunderson
*Tulio Monteiro
*Manny The Mammoth
*Sid The Sloth
*Diego The Sabertooth Tiger
*Ellie The Mammoth
*Crash And Eddie
*Buck The Weasel
*Brooke The Sloth
=== Neutral ===
*Susan The Femme Fatale And Princess Elsa
=== Disobedience ===
*Ian Scrooge Rose (Reformed)
*Ian Hood (Reformed)
*Ian Witwicky
*Lord Gaga
*Godzilla(Tristar Remake)/Zilla (Reformed)
*Counterfiet Godzilla
*CharlieIsPoopy (Reformed)
*Captain Charlie The Hellhound
*King Ghidorah
*Devilzilla (Reformed)
*Lord Voldemort
*Bellatrix Lestrange
*Draco Malfoy
*Lucius Malfoy
*Dolores Umbridge
*Severus Snapee
*The Death Eaters
*The Dursleys
*The Ringwraiths
*The Orcs
*Master Of Laketown
*Peg Leg Pete
*Beagle Boys
*Captain Hook
*Cruelle De Vil
*Sid Philips
*Al Mcwhiggin
*Stinky Pete
*Oogie Boogie
*Dr Facilier
*Dawn Bellwether
*Tex Richman
*Elmer Fudd
*Yosemite Sam
*Cecil Turtle
*Mister Swackhammer
*Mr Chairman
*Pinky And The Brain
*King Salazar
*Montana Max
*Roderick And Rhubella Rat
*Danforth Duck And Margot Mallard
*Elmyra Duff
*Darla Dimple
*Max The Butler
*Dr Eggman
*Metal Sonic
*Mephiles The Dark
*Scourge The Hedgehog
*Fiona Fox
*Tails Doll
*Nightmare Moon
*The Dazzlings
*Sunset Shimmer
*Queen Chrysalis
*King Sombra
*Carface Carruthers
*Warren T Rat
*Cat R Waul
*Madame Mousey
*Dragon The Cat
*Martin Brisby
*Nigel The Cockatoo
*Mauro The Marmosets
*The Marmosets
*Gabi The Frog
*Charlie The Anteater
*Soto The Sabertooth Tiger
*Sotos Thugs
*Cretaceous And Maelstorm
*Captain Gutt
*Captain Gutts Pirates
*Cainface The Wolf
*Kate The Wolf
== Trivia ==
*This Fictional Universe Can Also Be Considered Better Than Proud And Selfish Earth.
[[Category:Kaiju Films]]
[[Category:Kaiju Films]]

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