Death Ghidorah, also known as Desghidorah is one of the Ghidorahs and was a space monster. He first
Desghidorah (Land)
appeared in the first episode of the Mothra Trilogy: Rebirth Of Mothra. In the episode he looks more drakish brown and grey, with a more different roar. Desghidorah was a creature that sucks energy from planets. In the movie it explained he sucked energy from Mars and made it a wasteland. 


Mothra's ancestors yet fought bravley against Death Ghidorah. But when a team of miners removed a sacred seal from a stone yet they say fossil, rocks emerged but Death Ghidorah didn't emerge. Until when thy blew the rocks up.  He came out by one head. Then the other two came out.


On GroundEdit

Energy Suction: Desghidorah was said to suck energy from planets and can reach new abbilites if gained enough energy.

Atomic Breath: Like lots of kaiju monsters, Death Ghidorah has his own breath purple fireballs from all of his heads and Hell's Flame from the middle head.

Body Shock: When it gets touch on anywhere in it's body by an enemy, he sends a powerful shockwave to all over his body.

Fly: Like all the Ghidorahs, Deshghidorah can fly when he reaches a certain amount of energy.

On AirEdit

Speed: Desghidorah can fly at a speed of a Mach 23. 

Hurricane Winds: Desghidorah can unleash hurricane winds from it's wings.

Voice ActorEdit


Although the original Mothra died, her son, Mothra Leo, who was still a larva made a cocoon to grow up. After that Mothra Leo was more advanced than his mother, and came to fight Desghidorah. With great success, When 2 kids threw the seal that guarded Desghidorah's cell and what Moll and Lora told them to hold, the seal brightened and a orange symbol showed up above Desghidorah and fell down trapping him back to Earth.

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