D.N.M. Rules The Earth[edit | edit source]

  • (To King Ghidorah)The Power of Darkness Is At Your Command Kaizer Kanae The Princess of Aliens And Mutants
  • (To Kaizer Kanae)You Always Be Too For Rage of Evil
  • (To King Ghidorah)What Do You Wanted Us My Lord
  • (To Kaizer Kanae)You Will Be In The Broadcast For The Channel Break
  • (To Thork)What Order For Kaizer Kanae King Ghidorah
  • (To King Ghidorah)She Say I Be In The Broadcast
  • (To Thork)And What She Command Us Before Now
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Got Job To Do
  • (To Thork)Broadcast You In For TV
  • (To King Ghidorah)Good Get Ready Is Show Time
  • (To King Ghidorah)Hello Citizens of Earth
  • (To King Ghidorah)My Race Clan Got Small Problem Our Planet Got Taking By Armies of Republic Alliance
  • (To King Ghidorah)So That's Means We Don't Wanted Belong Here
  • (To King Ghidorah)But We Destruction Nefarious Monsters Having Solution
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Try Create it Dark Star Dragon Balls
  • (To)
  • (To King Ghidorah)We're Gonna Use The Moon For Today
  • (To King Ghidorah)So What We Going Do With This Moon
  • (To King Ghidorah)With Me And My Brothers We Just Go In Space
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Will Blew Up The Moon No One Can't Restore
  • (To King Ghidorah)Yes The Moon Is Like A Crescent And We Got For Today
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Will Be Working Invader Mutation Enterprises Available
  • (To King Ghidorah)So What This Means To You You're Might Ask
  • (To King Ghidorah)If We In Dark Virus Asteroid Which Couldn't Possible Understand
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Will Be Impact On The Earth And We Can Ruled The World
  • (To King Ghidorah)We Will Be Path of Destruction Rising Rampage To Your City And We Wil Be Conquers Forever
  • (To King Ghidorah)Unfortunately This Change Mass Was Cause Their Planets In Danger
  • (To King Ghidorah)Spinning Outer Control Drive In To The Sun When They Explode Into Flaming Ball Gass
  • (To King Ghidorah)But of Course You All Gonna Died Thank You For Your Corporation

Parody[edit | edit source]

  • Ratchet And Clank

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