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Cloverfield is a kaiju from the sea. In the movie the Cloverfield first attacks an oil well and then proceeds to go on a rampage through New York. It is said to be just a baby

The creature has hundreds of human sized parasites on it. If they bite someone the victim would go through sickness and then their heads would explode.

At the end of the movie the military try and nuke the monster. It is unknown what happens to it

It is a giant large Alien alternate monster. Who almost destroyed New York City.

The monster has eaten the nuke in the ending, but it probably spit it out due to its high extreme thick heat power on its body. For the immunity gets Fire.


Baby: in Cloverfield 1st Movie.

Teenager: In an alternate ending. of 10 Cloverfield lane.

Young Adult: As seen in a scene of The Cloverfield paradox.

Elder Giant Adult: Final Ending in The Cloverfield Paradox

Pacific Rim: seen as as a easter egg in one scene.


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