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'''CharlieIsPoopy''' Is A German Shepherd Mix.He Was Originally Intended To Be An Adaptation Of Charlie From All Dogs Go To Heaven But Shared Very Few Similarities With Him.He Is Like A Corrupt Version Of Charlie Barkin From All Dogs Go To Heaven.He Is Lord Ian Hans Rival Who Is Very Jealous Of Him For Being A Much More Faithful Adaptation Of Charlie Barkin From All Dogs Go To Heaven.Fortunately.He Has Many Redeeming Qualities.
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|'''Alias''' General CharlieIsPoopy
|'''Species''' Dog
|'''Powers/Skills''' Pooping,Claws,Teeth,Supernatural Powers
|'''First Appearance''' [ All Dogs Go To Heaven (Proud Ians Remake Film)]
|'''Last Appearance''' Godzilla:Rise To The Throne
|'''Friends''' Tails,[[Devilzilla]],His Gang/Soldiers King Ghidorah SpaceGodzila
|'''Enemies''' [[Lord Ian Hans]] Godzilla
|'''Inspired By''' Charlie Barkin,BobbyIsPoopy,Charlie The Hellhound,
== Appearance ==
CharlieIsPoopy Resembles A Scarred Version Of His Don Bluth Counterpart From Don Bluths All Dogs Go To Heaven Series (How He Got His Scar Is Lord Ian Hans Got One Of His Flesh And Fed It To His Bigger Pet Sea Monster).
== Personality ==
Years Before The Events Of King Kong And Zilla.Charlie Was Trained By His Father So That He Can Be The Most Dangerous Dog In The World.But Fortunately.He Has Many Redeeming Qualities.
Captain Hook-He Is Much Like Captain Hook.They Both Have Enemies (Peter Pan,Lord Ian Hans).They Both Have Enemies That Seek To Devour Them (Tik Tok The Crocodile,Lord Ian Hans Bigger Pet Sea Monster).They Both Are Sometime Mean To Their Henchman (Mr Smee,Tails).
Charlie The Hellhound-He Is Much Like Charlie The Hellhound.They Both Are Fans Of Sexy Female Characters.
Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Remakes And Adaptations)-He Is Also Like Ian Witwickys Version Of Godzilla That They Both Are Also Anti-Heroes.Yet They Both Also Have Many Redeeming Qualities.
== Films ==
*Proud And Selfish Earths All Dogs Go To Heaven Series
*[[King Kong And Godzilla 1998]]
*[[King Kong And American Godzilla|King Kong And Zilla]]
*[[Godzilla:Rise To The Throne]]
== Trivia ==
* Since He [[Godzilla(Ians Bible Believing Christian Reboot Film)|Reimagined Godzilla The Way The Fans Want]].He Started Comparing Charlie To Godzilla:That Godzilla Is A Prehistoric Creature Awakened And Irradiated From A Million Year Sleep.While CharlieIsPoopy Is The Most Dangerous Dog Who Was Trained By His Father To Be More Than Just A Dangerous Dog.Both Characters Caused Great Disasters:Godzilla Attacked And Destroyed Cities Countless Times Such As Destroying And Attacking Tokyo And Also Sank Countless Ships.While CharlieIsPoopy Caused Multiple Disasters Such As Sinking The SS Godzilla,ETC.Godzilla Is A Fan Of Nothing Fetish.CharlieIsPoopy Is A Fan Of Sexy Stuff (Such As A Sexy Heroine Held Captive With Her Hands Bound Up Above Her Head And A Scary Looking Worm Like Creature Starts Crawling In And Out Of Her Body,ETC).Godzilla Breathes His Atomic Breathe At His Enemies.Charlie Poops On His Enemies.Both Monsters Are Sometime Anti-Heroic Misanthropes.Godzilla Is Bigger Than Charlie.Godzilla Is More Of A Monster.Charlie Is Just An Animal.Godzilla Can Kill Charlie Because Of The Size They Are.Godzilla Is King Of The Monsters.Charlie Is Charlie Barkins Corrupt Counterpart.
*He Is Inspired By The Goanimate Character And User BobbyIsPoopy More Than Charlie Barkin (Also His Films That Are Based On The All Dogs Go To Heaven Series Sadly Has Burrowed Very Few Similar Elements).
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