CharlieIsPoopy Is A German Shepherd Mix.He Was Originally Intended To Be An Adaptation Of Charlie From All Dogs Go To Heaven But Shared Very Few Similarities With Him.He Is Like A Corrupt Version Of Charlie Barkin From All Dogs Go To Heaven.He Is Lord Ian Hans Rival Who Is Very Jealous Of Him For Being A Much More Faithful Adaptation Of Charlie Barkin From All Dogs Go To Heaven.Fortunately.He Has Many Redeeming Qualities.

Alias General CharlieIsPoopy
Powers/Skills Pooping,Claws,Teeth,Supernatural Powers
First Appearance All Dogs Go To Heaven (Proud Ians Remake Film)
Enemies Godzilla
Inspired By Charlie Barkin,BobbyIsPoopy,Charlie The Hellhound,

Appearance Edit

CharlieIsPoopy Resembles A Scarred Version Of His Don Bluth Counterpart From Don Bluths All Dogs Go To Heaven Series (How He Got His Scar Is Lord Ian Hans Got One Of His Flesh And Fed It To His Bigger Pet Sea Monster).

Personality Edit

Godzilla (Ian Witwickys Remakes And Adaptations)-He Is Like Ian Witwickys Version Of Godzilla That They Both Are Also Anti-Heroes.Yet They Both Also Have Many Redeeming Qualities.

Films Edit

  • Proud And Selfish Earth's All Dogs Go To Heaven Series

Trivia Edit

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