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Hi I'm Link The Hero of Hyrule Remember me From The Game Call Legend of Zelda
We Here Celebrate Legend Years Legend Years of Fun

We Monsters Awakened In 1994 We Made Little Magic For Everyone
We Here Celebrate Legend The Years

Ultraman Taiga
Legend Years ? Nice

Cure Star

When You Grow Up or Small Child We Love You All
And That Time We Here To Take Bow
Having Matter All Years Legend Years of Fun
There Solomon And Nemesis

King Kong And Gamera

Ultraman And Precure Too


That's Us

Godzilla Is Here
Ciel And Link

But Don't You Forget Omegarex Is Here

Wei eva

Oops Sorry

Moby Dick And Mega Shark
All We Know We Well Become Super Stars

And We Battle Villains Right

We're All Know All Over The World

We Watch Just Today With Our Color Eyes

We Here Celebrate Legend Years Legend Years of Fun
They Called D.N.M. They Try Destroyed The World

When We Here

Sailor Moon
We Great Protectors And We Gonna Save The World

We Here Celebrate Legend Years Another Have Century Fun

Warver Dracula
There's Nothing Can't Stop Us

Tairagon Rexy Mavis Kaine
We Battle Evil Villains

Cthulhu Poltragon King Kong
And That How We Save The World

So Giving up Legend Years
Really Millon Nifty Years
Get Ready For Legend Years of Fun

Parody[edit | edit source]

  • Hanna Barbera Celebrate 50 Years of Fun

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