Mothra, queen of Earth Edit

this movie starts off with the sobojin at the g-force military base and some scientists are analysing some mothra fur and found it held godzilla cells, which means she can mutate into a monster(most likely gigamoth) and have control over her self and attack the city. "will it even be a she after she mutates?" " i don't know" [edit: i don't know what gender gigamoth was, it dosn't say on wikizilla] the sobojin told mothra the bad news immediately. mothra took to the skies to space and flew to a black hole hoping to get rid of the cells and go back home with the day saved [edit: clearly mothra doesn't know what black holes are like], but instead of that happening, she went into the black hole and into another dimension. she did not know what was going on, she could not fly in space anymore "cherrnt?". she lost all her powers. she waited, and waited, looking around, but could not see any thing, she was getting cold, losing blood pressor, she thought she would try to stay warm by wraping her body with her wings and head, forming a ball with her body. but something strange was happening, ice started to form all over her body. she started to panic, but the ice inclosed her completely, she felt sleepy. she fell asleep inside of her ice inclosure. for a long time, she was asleep. back at earth, (but this time in the real world, the world your reading this from, yes thats right our world, but 500 years into the future) nasa finds "a massive ball of ice" and is heading towards earth. nasa detects a heart beat coming from the ball of ice. "it's an alien ship!"

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