Brooke The Kaiju Is A Female Prehistoric Amphibious Reptilian Giant Monster.She Is The Main Kaiju In A Fictional Pixar Film Called The Giant Reptile From The Deep.She Was Awakened By An Al Qaeda Test bombing.

Disney/Pixar Kaiju
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Alias  Femme Fatale Of The Monsters,American Godzilla,American Gomora,
Species Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile
Appearances The Giant Reptile From The Deep
Friends Mok The Cat
Enemies Jewel The Macaw(Reality).The Other Monsters In Her Films.
Creator I.R.Navarro

Role In Her Films Edit

When Al Qaeda Plans Another 9/11 That Happens In 2009 This Time They Awakened A Giant Monster Known As Brooke While Testing A Nuclear Bomb To Destroy America And The New 9/11 They Planned To Make Happen In 2009 This Time Is Not By Hijacked Planes But By Monster.Than Months Later The Giant Monster Known As Brooke Began Rampaging Through New York And In The Aftermath Most Of New York Lays In Ruins(But Fortunately The New World Trade Center Survived Brookes Rampage).Than Moments Later In December 2009 She Is Finally Defeated.Than She Later Becomes A Heroine That Fights Countless Other Monsters That Terrorize Mankind.

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