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History[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

  • King Ghidorah

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Godzilla

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • (To Ultraman Belial)Did Know What This is
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)I Didn't Know What is
  • (To Ultraman Belial)You Don't Remember What is
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)What The Mushra Sago Kutal
  • (To Ultraman Belial)You Remember Them Eh
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Are You Guys Okay
  • (To Mushra)I Think So We're In This Cage
  • (To Ultraman Belial)Well Them Didn't You What Happened I Will Fuse Them Myself
  • (To Yakumo Tatasuro)What No
  • (To Este Rei And Sen)Huh
  • (To Ultraman Belial)Dark Mushrambo Rage Sora Blue Eyes Dragon Godzilla Arise
  • (To Skull Gomora)We're Back
  • (To Zeppandon)Prepare Meet Your Death
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Oh No They're Back
  • (To Aeon Calcos)Take That I Found The Key
  • (To Mach Rider)Now Kazma Use The Key To Unlock Our
  • (To King Kazma)Got it
  • (To Rei And Sen)What Are You Doing King Kazma Stop
  • (To Este)You Will Hurt Mushra Sago And Uncle Kutal
  • (To Rei)Let Yakumo Use Heart
  • (To Sen)Yeah These Weapons Are Bad
  • (To Este)She Will Rescue Save Our Friends
  • (To King Kazma)Nope Sorry Dudes I Gonna Unlock
  • (To Rei Sen And Este)Ow What Are Doing No
  • (To Meta Knight)Come On Let's Get Out of Here
  • (To Ultraman Belial)Take Care of Them I Gonna Report To Kaizer Kanae
  • (To King Kazma)I Unlocked Here The Weapons
  • (To Aeon Calcos)Thank You King Kazma
  • (To Sun Wukong)This Going To Be Good What Can We Do
  • (To Mach Rider)Hakuba Tell Us Why Godzilla And Friends Was In Darkside Curse
  • (To Hakuba)You Have Nutroulize Darkside Curse But Dark Power So Great I Think That Is Impossible
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Ah No
  • (To Aeon Calcos)Of Course Dark Power So Great I Think Is Impossible But I Have Only Is You Cheza Can You Do It
  • (To Cheza)Do What
  • (To Thrall)Use Spear
  • (To Cheza)You Think So
  • (To Thrall)Yes
  • (To Hakuba)Only One Who Maybe Able Stop Him Is You Yakumo But Can You Do it
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Do What
  • (To Hakuba)Use Sword On Blue Eyes Dragon Godzilla That Sword In Human Hand Might Stop Him
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)You Mean Attack Him
  • (To Hakuba)That's Right The Sword of Ryuma Is Only Means Cut Evil Out of His Heart And Free All of Our Friends
  • (To Sun Wukong)That's Was I Heard
  • (To Hakuba)You Have To Be Brave Is Not Just For Us Yakumo He Won't Stop Untell They Serve With Belial
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Are You Sure
  • (To Hakuba)Yes
  • (To Aeon Calcos)When You Use The Sword of Ryuma That's How Imoogi Said
  • (To Imoogi)Just Remember Yakumo Leomon Train You Well
  • (To Imoogi)You Let King Kazma Handle Dark Mushrambo Mach Rider Handle Rage Sora You Stop Blue Eyes Dragon Godzilla
  • (To Leomon)Remember Your Training Yakumo You Will Break The Darkside Curse
  • (To Leomon)Be Brave Yakumo Use Punch Kick And Slash You Will Free Godzilla
  • (To Bravehoof)When You Use The Sword of Ryuma The Sword Will Be Yours
  • (To Yakumo Tatsuro)Yeah I Know Use The Sword of Ryuma
  • (To Aeon Calcos)Let's Do it Together Sorry Rain of Your Parade Dark Warriors But We Thought I Will Stop You
  • (To Dark Mushrambo)We're Going In Join This
  • (To Rei Sen And Este)What Where Are We
  • (To Zamusha)
  • (To Meta Knight)I'm Sorry Kittens But Battle Has Begun
  • (To Rei And Sen)Hey What About Mushra Sago
  • (To Este)And Uncle Kutal
  • (To Chef Kawasaki)Nope Just Let Them Fight Kids
  • (To Este)Why Yakumo Can't Use Heart Anymore
  • (To Rei And Sen)What
  • (To)
  • (To)
  • (To)
  • (To)
  • (To)

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