• (To Godzilla)Nessus I Think Vlad Dracula Has Shrink You Down
  • (To Godzilla)Beleo Your Army Beat up By Us And They Got Destroyed
  • (To Godzilla)And For You Beleo Nessus And Kobala You Gonna Die Here
  • (To Nessus)You Can Do This For Us
  • (To Beleo)With Me And My New Crew We Gonna Tear Those Humans To Shred You Pay For This
  • (To Godzilla)Gordon Take Them Away Destroyed Them And Make Them Die In Volcanic Project
  • (To Gordon)I'M On It Kid
  • (To Beleo)I Never Got Away With This Worst You Meddling Kids
  • (To Shippo)According This Book About These Three Monsters They Are The Guardians of The Ouran Academy
  • (To Sango)Yeah These Three Bad Guys Are Always Haunted Us I Think
  • (To Godzilla)I See Shippo
  • (To Inuyasha)Come On You Guys
  • (To Kagome)Inuyasha Please Don't Ask Like That You Said We Gonna Save The World
  • (To Zilla)Yeah
  • (To Gamera)Hey Guys Look We Got Company
  • (To Cure Black)Come on Everybody
  • (To Link)It's Me
  • (To Godzilla)Link!
  • (To Cure Black)Link?
  • (To Link)I'm So Glad You Here And You're Safe Guys
  • (To Godzilla)So What Up
  • (To Link)Are You Forgot Something
  • (To Godzilla)Forgot What ?
  • (To Link)Xillians
  • (To Godzilla)The Xillians? Oh We Forgot
  • (To Link)Relax Godzilla We Just Came To Arrest Them
  • (To Godzilla)I See You Arrest Them
  • (To Link)Yeah The Secret Organization Xillian Clan
  • (To Xarol)Sorry About it That Gomess Burn My Face Could You Take My Disguise off
  • (To Palutena)Sure
  • (To Xarol)Ahh Wonderful Planet Earth
  • (To Mappy)Just Keep Walk Faster Okay

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