Baby Godzilla is a Baby version of Godzilla that appears in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2. 

A egg layed by a Godzillasaurus Hatches and Baby Godzilla is born! Baby Godzilla at 1st thinks that Azusa is his mother. Azusa and her friends hide Baby G from Godzilla til he went back to the ocean. Baby was then taken to a Facility made by the G-Force. Mechagodzilla 2's controllers decided to use Baby Godzilla to lure Godzilla to a trap. Baby Godzilla broke out of his canister and shrieked causing Fire Rodan to fall on Godzilla in order to revive him. Godzilla roars down to Baby Godzilla. But the Baby G cowered in fear. Miki caused Baby Godzilla to accept being adopted by Godzilla. 

Baby Godzilla's roar is a high pitched version of Godzilla's. Baby Godzilla ate a burger. Toho originally intended to have a Heisei Minya but they didn't so they ended up making Baby Godzilla instead.

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