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"Assault! Armor Jack!" ("突撃!アーマージャック!") was originally a two minute promotional film made in 1996 that later in 1997 became a series of VCD episodes, in which a hero called "Armor Jack", designed by the toy company "Amapro" kills two monsters. Sadly, the show has now sunken into the mist of obscurity and footage has been proven difficult to find.

History Edit

The Japanese toy company, Amapro (アマプロ) had it's own tokusatsu superhero of the name "Armor Jack" (アーマージャック) who's debut came in a 1996, 2:40 promotional film, in which Armor Jack kills two of the five (known) monsters to have appeared in the show. Despite the concern of the viability over Armor Jack's concept, Core Magazine sponsored production of short VCD episodes. From 1997 to 2001, only three (?) episodes were released in total. Amapro later released an extremely rare bag of soft-vinyl dolls of Armor Jack, and two of his opponents, Rarigonika and Naruton.

Characters (known) Edit

Armor Jack (アーマージャック): The main hero of the show. He seems to have mixed parts of Godman and Megaloman, having Godman's face and Megaloman's overall structure and hair. Armor Jack also has a few distinct features of his own, which includes a belt and antennas. He also carries two swords.

Rarigonika (ラリゴニカ): A furry, gorilla-like monster with a skull-like face and crab claws.

Rudongo (ルドンゴ): A yellow, bird-like monster with a brown head, a long beak and what looks like claws on the edges of his wings.

Naruton (ナルトン): A large, black monster with short arms and a large piece of fish-paste pasta on his head.

Tsutabara (ツタバラー): A green, human-shaped monster with a radish-like head with the mouth design somewhat like a jack-o-lantern. He also seems to be armed with some sort of cleaver.

Moaigan (モアイガン): A blue, human-shaped monster with what looks like a moai statue for a face and wears pink pants. He also seems to be armed with a machine gun.

Overview of Episodes Edit

Episode 1: Armor Jack has Justice. Rudongo and Rarigonika are fighting each other. Armor Jack attempts to break up the fight, but is flung backwards by Rarigonika. Armor Jack then takes out his two swords and stabs and kills to two monsters.

Episode 2: Protect the Green. Naruton and Tsutabara are fighting each other. Armor Jack breaks up the fight then kills Naruton and then is thanked by Tsutabara. Despite of being thanked by the other monster, Armor Jack kills that one too and rips out what seem to be some sort of vines.

Episode 3: Law of the Underworld. Armor Jack laying on the ground and Moaigan and Tsutabara arrive and begin to fight each other. Tsutabara brings out what looks like a machete and attempts to slice Moaigan. However, Moaigan takes out a machine gun and kills Tsutabara first. Moaigan then notices that Armor Jack disappeared until he shows up right behind the monster and kills it.

Trivia Edit

  • Out of the only three known episodes, Tsutabara seems to be the only recurring monster.
  • According to some websites, Armor Jack was nicknamed "The Brutal Hero".
  • No vinyl figures were created of Tsutabara, Moaigan, or Rudongo.

References Edit Episode with Tsutabara and Moaigan. Episode with Rarigonika and Rudongo. Episode with Tsutabara and Naruton.

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