• Godzilla Ultraman Precure Edition


All The Birds Have a Feathers

Do What They Love Most of All

Moon And The Stars

Strumming Guitars

That's Why We Love Caranval

Akina Nanamura Orianna Nienna Ericka Van Helsing

Loving Our Life In Jungle

Everything's Wild And Free

Kazuto Tokino Akaoni Johnny Loughran Captain Dracula

Never Alone Cuz This Is Our Home

Magic Could Happen For Real In Rio

Real In Rio

All By Itself

(By Itself)

You Can't See it Coming

You Can't Find it AnyWhere Else

Gappa Voltrax

Ima Kako wera Kinga Kinga Kinga Kinga Kinga (Kinga)

Bird Like Me Cuz I'm Hot Winga Where's Your Hota Winga

Vlad Dracula Murray Wayne Frankestein Griffion

Here Everbody Loves Samba

King Kazma Poltragon Voltrax Gamera Godzilla

Rhythmu You Feel In Your Heart

Akaoni Voltrax Gamera Godzilla King Kazma Poltragon Mavis Kaine

Beauty And Love What More Could You Want

Everthing Can Be For Real In Rio

Real In Rio

Here's Something Else

(Something Else)

You Just Feel It Happening

You Won't Find it Anywhere Else


Good Luck Kazuto


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