Abumaru is a virus the size of a kaiju that came from space and could be classified as an invasive species kaiju. We're not quite sure how the science behind this one works, but its a fun concept.


Abumaru stands 250 ft tall and weighs a whopping 170,000 tons, mostly due to his metallic armor. Other than his cycloptic head, he has a pretty standard kaiju build. He also wields two maces. Apparently they have kaiju-sized weapons in deep space.


Being a virus, Abumaru's primary ability is to infect planets. He does this by smashing the ground with his maces and drilling and using his lazer eye to get to a planet's core, then latches himself onto it, leeching it of its life. Because this is his only real function, he is completely shell shocked when he has to do anything else and is pretty much useless.

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