Abathur tends to an egg that will carry on her legacy

Abathur is a giant spider-like creature who lives deep in the earth, near its core. She is 10 meters tall when standing on end and weighs roughly 15 metric tons, but don't be fooled by her relatively small size, she is known for being the most quickly reproductive kaiju.


Abathur has four arms with three fingers each. These, among other uses, serve to pluck off her eggs, which are grown on her head. She also has four poisonous pincers and a slug-like abdomen, allowing her to move similarly to a snake. Although its head looks huge, its actual head is just plated with layers upon layers of armored plating, making her less vulnerable to attack.


Abathur has many abilities, most of which are similar to a spider's. She can spin intricate, nearly unbreakable webs, which she covers her den with to protect her from the earth's core's heat. She also has lightning fast pincers with which to capture prey or fend off enemies. Both of these abilities are impressive, but her trump card is her asexual reproduction, which allows her to hatch another egg every 10 years. Left unchecked, armies of Abathur could emerge from the earth one day.

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