Masks 3

6 Spirit Griffins Masks

6 Spirit Griffins
was created by Peter X and Brian X while placing Emil's sword.The Dragon mask was named Magmaron the Dragon King Mask.The Armadillo mask is named Armado the Hard Shelled Mask.This Tiger mask was name is Griger the Carnivore Tiger Mask.The Crocodile mask is was named Ka-Kadile the Mighty Crocodile Mask.This Devil mask is Devolaza the Shade Monster Mask.The last mask is Lion Mask named Roario the Pride Beast Mask.These mask are extracting human droids.When the droid was scraped, He revealed the final form.The X and the masks creating the monsters to destroy them.The masks was scrap by Lightspeed's monsters and their teams, but the masks revive by Peter X and his daughter Lizza.The mark is True Form Mode.After the battle, The marks was placing the Mask-De Scraped.When Chi Creature was defeated, the six masks join together into Chi Creature the Mask Griffin.The head and wing of Magmaron, the body of Armado, arm of Devolaza, the leg of Griger and the tail of Ka-Kadile.Chi Creature merged and mutating into the mask demon creature.
Mask 1

Chi Creature Mask form

It was destroyed by Dragan using powerful slash.After destroyed it turn back original form and scraped by Dragan.

Chi Creature Original Form

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